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4/21 c11 5Lord of The A.U. FanFiction
I want see Belle get cursed into something from mythology like a Fury or a Mermaid or even a Centauress in both body and mind, if only because it would mess up Ben's psyche to see his mom acting like she has been said something all her life.
4/21 c11 Snowwhite45
Honestly Im starting to think that death is too good for Freddy... someone needs to punch him again... several times...
4/21 c11 shortanamx
three badgoddess repesenting Greek Olympic . cant until they kick their behinds audrey and Fredick
4/21 c11 12AmethystDragon14
And back up has arrived! *blows announcing trumpet* You know the directors of the movie could *really* take some pointers from you I mean really the *King* storming the 'enemy camp' pretty much on his own? *shakes head*
Can't wait for the next chapter! :D
4/21 c11 36AliceCullen3
4/21 c11 Katt Kiki
Luv how you put the quote in there from the 2nd movie it’s on of my favorite songs can’t wait to see the fight go down
4/21 c11 CrystalKaouri
Oooh, Mama Mia! There's not going to be anything left of those two when THAT group is finished with them is there?

It's on! The board is set. The pieces are moving. Let the games begin.
4/21 c11 24DS Rider
Unleash the waves, thunder and fire let the spawn of frollo (I was tempted to keep the original autocorrection of “off rollover” to be amusing but I decided not to) face the damnation that he claims others shall suffer.
4/21 c11 5OceanBlueSeaEyes
I really really somehow bet Freddy will still be stupid enough to have certain Olympians coming down
4/21 c11 M.v.j.M
I seriously want to see the actual big three gods go after Audrey and Freddie that would be amazing.
4/21 c11 4danifan3000
I wonder what's going to happen when Audrey is taken down. Whether she dies or gets sent to the isle. I mean here she's evil to the point that she's more of a daughter of maleficent than she claims Mal is. I kind of wonder if Aurora and Philip Sr. are going to disown her when this is over because the daughter they knew is basically dead and all that's left is this crazed unfeeling monster.

Also I forgot to mention this last chapter but since in the books, Olympus has a school filled with demigods I wonder if Hadie will make friends with any of them considering there's enough gods in Greek mythology to fill possibly multiple schools.
4/21 c11 Guest
Oh yeah this is going to be fun for everyone except Freddy and Audrey. TAKE EM DOWN MALI
4/21 c11 27Creator of Magic
I don't know why, but this chapter made me laugh harder than any other one you've written. I like the whole Big Three thing though. It's smart to have relatives of all three gods there. Freddy and Audrey don't stand a chance.
4/21 c11 1Urmimala Hazra
I'm really excited that Freddy will die soon...and yeah Zeus, Poseidon and hades, we need need someone as there symbolic gesture...can't wait...it's gonna be instense... Freddy can't see what's coming for him... love the chapter...can you maybe post the next chapter soon...can't wait ...I'm like literally screaming that Freddy will die.
4/21 c11 4561394
Wait Auradon has a standing military

Why not send a squad of them instead of a bunch of teenagers
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