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for Meant To Be Yours

4/20 c4 Fremde Is Not Taken okay
I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! The second it started raining I fuckin KNEW Maya is gonna book it LMFAO You keep deliving and its so glorious

Man I don't know why but I just love whenever Kuro starts scolding the shit out of Maya LMFAO I understand why Maya finds it so amusing

Also omg I had such a double take during the apology scene. Good job you, caught me completely off guard; as off guard as Maya herself was LOL
Me and Maya at the same time: Wait that wasn't me?

You will come running no matter where Kuro is in the world, huh Maya? Then I expect you to learn to walk on water by the end of the year! A God in disguise that one kek


"and it isn't just a dream this time" HA I laughed i tell you, i snickered

JEEZ Maya is the most wholesome being in the world. PEAK gentleman, who said chivalry was dead? Not Kuro thats for sure kek

UGH that ending was so tender it made my teeth hurt (yes i blame your tender wonderful writing rather than the copious amount of nutella I consume yessir)

Thank you for the glorious fluff!
4/13 c3 Reijuu66
I love it so much and I love these girls so much and the way you write them! When Maya broke down it made my heart break. Im looking forward for the next chapter :D
Although, it is sad this will be the last chapter of the AU :((
4/13 c3 13Stripesicles222
Ooh, I do that too! Except... the other way around.
(I refer to the line where Claudine says “merci,” and then Futaba replies “de nada.” It’s kind of a running joke that whenever any of my friends say “gracias,” I’ll say “de rien.”)

Eagerly awaiting your finale for this AU!
4/13 c3 Fremde Is Not Taken okay
Ohoho? This topic of the chapter BRILLIANT! It makes all the sense. Maya has been learning all the things and if you ask some random person they would a hundred percent say that its fabricrated or tricking or whatever but no no, bad Maya! Everyone in love learns their significant other's favorite things etc etc. Good shit Kuro smack that sense into her! AND THE "I DO'S" it may not be marriage but the choice! It's the most important thing. You guys are married sorry I don't make the rules KEK


Such a smol wholesome little AU I love so much

(also I'm boutta recommend you something because I wanna give back *something* for all the awesome fics you write and post for everyone to enjoy. If you like jazz/blues, greek stuff, complicated relationships, awesome pub like atmosphere and storytelling, and just the best songs ever, I recommend a musical called "Hadestown". Been completely obsessed with it for like months now its insane how much i've grown to love it LOL)
4/5 c2 Fremde Is Not Taken okay
Was I grinning the entire time? Yes, yes I was. OOooh yes I was. The fucking SWAN fountain! Meant to be I tell ya, they are meant to be! Ha!

The "Maya getting practically hypnotized by Claudine's SHEER BEAUTY" and forgetting to function is gonna keep happening isn't it. Hilarious I love it. I swear I smell a rome and juliet meeting during the night while one is on the ground and the other is at her balcony. Maya feels like she's gonna start serenading like on the 3rd date and I'm all for this fucking feeling. She really IS so dramatic and I love that it's all genuine to such a degree it's hysterical. Yes yes XD

Claudine's hard to get act didn't last at all HA! But she did start off strong and I love love love how Maya's just like a puppy. I'm a sucker for this type of dynamic. Feeding me such good food.

PS. That pun Kaoruko made was just...SALT on the metaphorical wound KEK ALSO the way she just exploded at Maya for dropping Claudine in the fountain. She cares so much but she shows it in such a fkin way XD
3/30 c1 Fremde Is Not Taken okay
ACK of course you gotta end it RIGHT before they meet! So cruel!

And on that first day, the yell of "You INFURIATING WOMAN!" echoes throughout the household and the parents wonder: Oh god we made a mistake didn't we

Also Maya ALREADY being lovestuck is just hilarious to me. Yes, yes you go! Win over your one true love ahaha

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