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4/15 c1 Guest
Such a fun story! Now I want a doughnut...
4/4 c1 1pty
Great story, and yes people should be nice with workers, all jobs have their level of difficulty and in the case of food service workers, to service the public is extra hard.
4/1 c1 lcr0718
You made me smile!
3/30 c1 Teacup
It was very jelly filled and awesome. I'm so glad this didn't turn out to be some awfup sex euphemism. It was good.
3/31 c1 your kidney 4lunch '3
Freaking LOVE IT.
3/30 c1 MissJean
So cute! I smiled a lot. Thank you
3/30 c1 3DW.618
This was a very fun version of their interactions. My only negative is now I will always wonder/worry if anyone preparing my food has been relaxing in the freezer...
3/30 c1 Chaoshift
That was adorable!
Certainly gave me Hardee's flashbacks. I had the 6AM to 2PM shift or the 2PM to 10PM. Customers would come in with coupons from other fastfood places, or just ask for stuff not on the menu, like pizza.
Thank you for this story I really really really enjoyed it! So cute and sweet, almost no drama. What more can you ask for? Again thank you <3

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