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6/17 c7 1Liantei
WHy?! Why must you make Prompto's life pure suffering?! Seriously, literally every single chapter just introduces some new trauma to the poor kid and I'm beginning to run out of tears
6/14 c7 Jostanos
I have an idea for an omake but I am hesitant to post it.

Please continue with this fantastic story.
6/14 c7 Juxshoa
No! Not Prompto! I hope he makes it out ok!
6/14 c7 49Venquine1990
I just read this whole thing in one go and HOLY MOTHER OF KINGDOM HEARTS! I really don't know much about Noctis and the others, but luckily enough they're vague enough that I can just focus on all of the KH stuff. Though I do worry for both boys. And please don't spoil what happened to Noctis. All I want to know is if he'll return or not.
5/21 c6 2Yumi Edogawa
I loved Noct's introduction! Poor Prompto feels abandoned again now that Bahamut showed up to collect Noctis. I wonder if Prompto will show up in Lucis again at some point? At least he'd have Noctis to vouch for him now. Plus he's been healed better than the Oracle would have been able to, and since he wasn't healed by the Oracle, hopefully, the Empire left Lunafreya's mom alone.

Anyway, after all this, Prompto will probably either become depressed or very motivated to train and get stronger... possibly both. Hopefully Lea and Isa don't disappear too soon. Poor Prompto will have to deal with a lot of heartache before everything gets better.

I wonder if we'll see Noctis' return to Lucis? That would be interesting.
5/13 c6 0oKitteno0
Awh poor prom...
5/13 c6 Jostanos
The same lad then sits on a bench, pinches the bridge of his nose, and sighs "Bakas.. why do they always have to be bakas?"
4/30 c5 Yumi Edogawa
It's a good thing Aqua has Prompto to focus on instead of just Terra and Ventus because she can actually help him which would be a good idea for her mental state. Hopefully the distraction of trying to find him and figure out what Ven tried to tell her will help.

Prompto has a lot to learn and will need to deal with his own trauma and his fears of what happened to his friends. Hopefully Merlin will be able to help until Aqua finds him again.
4/30 c5 Jostanos
May Aqua attempt to find Prompto after hiding Ven protectively?
May Prompto be the youngest Keyblade wielder of all time?
If not what may he learn with Merlin and friends?
4/30 c5 Juxshoa
Can't wait for the next chapter, I wonder if Prompto will be the last Keyblade wielder besides Mickey...
4/28 c4 Yumi Edogawa
Eraqus really should have handled that better, with everything that happened Prompto got caught up in the middle. It's probably for the best that Ventus left Prom with Merlin after Eraqus traumatized him because Merlin can teach him more and has very different philosophies to Eraqus. Hopefully Mickey will be able to tell him what happened if things play out as they did in the game. I wonder if Prompto will end up becoming friends with Kairi?
4/28 c3 Yumi Edogawa
Ouch, they really should have at least said goodbye to Prompto. Maybe he would have mentioned what he noticed about Xenahort and they would have been more wary. As it is they're at least partly playing into his plans.
It was cute seeing Aqua save Kairi though.
4/28 c4 Jostanos
And Eraqus also fails to notice that he has fallen.
Those that fight too strongly for the light will eventually fall into darkness.
Dragonlance's King Priest of Ishtar was one such person who did that, and now Eraqus has also done so ...

Darkness fights amongst itself...

The must be a balance.. however.. that balance is not easily maintained.
4/28 c4 Juxshoa
Oh no...poor Prompto...its too sad...

Great chapter though!
4/10 c2 Yumi Edogawa
It was sweet seeing them all together and happy as well as meeting and becoming close to Ventus. I found it interesting that Prompto knew intuitively that he shouldn't trust Xenahort. It probably would have been better if Xenahort had no idea Prompto existed, but Prom had no reason, initially, not to go to get Eraqus for help. It's also a bit ironic that Aqua made charms for her friends like Kairi... and that those charms are in the shape of that fruit from the Islands.
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