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6/5 c1 1SamOhMySam
Please continue this fanfic
5/12 c1 Aiedogawa27
Continuarlo por favor :3
4/26 c1 Darkjackal248
Its cute. I love it.
4/16 c1 AllmeDrivs
Havent watchd a single episode of black clover. Thats not going to stop me. Will read, 10/10.
4/7 c1 JustInACorner
has potential..
that's it.
4/5 c1 TheMexicanAttcker
great story
4/4 c1 OtakuCruz
4/4 c1 1flame james
nice nice, You are stepping in to Black clover, One of my favs.
4/3 c1 Abyss Mage
So happy to see some Black Clover love. Asta x Noelle is my otp. Can't wait for further updates.
4/2 c1 IGuessThisWorks
4/1 c1 12lunaJayjay06g
dope can't wait to see more.:)
4/1 c1 Funstuff05
Aw I loved that you had a Gray/Noelle moment. I feel like we never see her!
4/1 c1 JustAFan123
Noice! A Black Clover fan huh? Welcome to the club, it's been forever since I've read a new one.
4/1 c1 3Cor Aurum
Black clover fanfiction? FROM YOJIMBRA? yes please.
4/1 c1 EldritchAnon
Don't be terrified, you'll kill it just like you do all you fics! Just don't let them die, and you'll kill it!
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