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6/4 c1 Guest
What does “...on side,...” mean? No, seriously, where does it come from? Is it a typo for “on sight”, is it more like “on my/our side” or “on this/that side” or is it some slang for off-balance? Can’t figure it out even contextually...
5/26 c6 EagleHasLanded
Nice to see Tracy stand her ground against Harry and not hold him accountable for his attitude. Looking forward to seeing where this goes next.
5/17 c6 surya25addanki
Went about as I expected
5/16 c6 Hank1967
Excellent chapter! Don't know why people won't leave Harry alone. Poor guy's done enough. He needs to learn to ignore Hermione no matter what he feels he owes her. Can't wait to see what's next!
5/16 c6 Guest
So, Harry remains the Mudblood's doormat, even as an adult. Goodbye.
5/16 c6 6Yaw6113
Please write the next chapter already. I really appreciated it and enjoyed it a lot. Thank you very much.
5/16 c6 13BellatrixTheStar
Thank you for writing this :) It reminds me of the best bits of the Potter fandom - a willingness to fight against society's grain and compassion for the people who fight with us.
I can't wait to read what you've got planned next!
5/16 c6 DeadFish37
Damnit Tracey. Though I don't think that botched discussion lives up to last chapter's "If I'd known what would happen, I'd never have gone." At least she's slowly getting to the heart of things. I definitely think Tracey needed that push from Katherine.
5/16 c6 2roon0
So many women (and a few men) have been in Katherine's position. Thank you for the chapter. Keep safe.
5/16 c6 2mwinter1
Awaiting more.
5/16 c6 LifeIsAGreatAdventure
Very nicely done. This topic, as with so many, does deserve attention and I think you do this in an appropriate and thoughtful way. Thanks for your hard work on this.
5/11 c5 piltad
Hahah great cliffhanger can't wait for the next one.
5/5 c5 EagleHasLanded
I continue to love this story. Such an interesting story idea and you do a great job of writing the characters. I was already wondering how you may write what Harry would share, but after that cliffhanger, now you really got me wondering! Though I still want to curse you for ending it like that... :)
5/4 c5 surya25addanki
Yesss looking forward to this
5/4 c5 12Dorothea Greengrass
Excellent chapter with interesting insights, and a mean cliffhanger. Don't let us wait too long for the next chapter.
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