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4/22/2021 c1 Guest
Hermione Granger has sex with Draco Malfoy -

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Worst porno ever!
4/18/2021 c2 letrisha2110
Oh hell yes I'm a Moomoo. I was scrolling down and the word "Decalcomanie" entered my vision and I knew I HAD to check it out. I've only finished chapter 1 but Draco's breakdown got to me. I haven't been feeling good myself lately and that almost broke me. So far, very beautiful writing.
4/15/2021 c4 Paige Omens
Not buying it. Weasley-Malfoy feud is not going to ebb until Draco is invited to any Weasley wedding. Too much bad blood.
Lucius's death, personality transplant & using the Black surname would be very least he'd have to do.
4/5/2021 c3 1Haarii Kuinn
Hm, I have favourited and followed it. It is well written, I'd like to see how it goes.
4/3/2021 c1 8Ditte3
I like it so far.
4/2/2021 c2 Sparkle15
Love it! I like how easily Draco confided in Hermione during ch 1. Figures he would think she told the headmaster. Can’t wait for more!
4/1/2021 c1 30SweetSwizzle614
ooh...this is going to be good, I can tell.

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