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for Harry Potter and the Perversion of Purity

4/11 c73 2maximusrexmundi
I'm so (happily) lost as to who is on what side lol
4/11 c72 maximusrexmundi
Really curious what Lucius' end game is...
4/8 c67 Patrick Schuster
After giving each of your stories a chance, I've concluded that you really aren't suited to write characters. You are capable of crafting good stories per se, but when it comes to writing a single person—particularly the main character—you fail each and every time. It is truly disappointing, to be honest.

In each story, I felt there could be a difference, but it became apparent that every story was written by the same author—you. They had the same flaws and failed at the same point, time and time again. Perhaps studying people more closely before writing could help, but as it stands, you aren't made for it.

Luckily this is only an FF and not a real Book!
3/28 c70 Baumbarth
Good job, I thought the scene was just another of Hrry's dreams
3/25 c78 Turtlekungfu
yup yup
3/23 c78 Ethelisse
I can honestly say that it's wonderful, your work has never been better, especially since Harry works with Grindelwald, which is wonderful. I've been looking for this type of fanfiction for a long time. I hope that the next chapter will appear soon, and it would be quite interesting if Harry helped Grindelwald escape, because Grindelwald knew his prison best because he created , he himself might have trouble escaping, at least that was the case in canon, but with Harry's help it would be very possible, I hope you can take this into account in your fanfiction. If Grindelwald was free, it would add something new However, this fanfiction is still a good read, you have a talent for writing I greet you warmly and wish you all the best!
3/22 c75 1StormCrownSr
I think I finally get your Grindlewald.
He's evil Yoda.
3/17 c78 Amortal
Harry has done well with Astoria and Daphne is making mistakes despite her intellect.
3/17 c78 Surion1243
Great chapter I just love Astoria !
3/14 c1 NessieMonster01
This is brilliant!
3/14 c68 Calypto
really good fic. kinda lost interest after harry kills sirius. its ur book and ur plot so I cant complain. thank you for writing.
3/10 c77 Turtlekungfu
I truly do live this story, every update just gets me into a better mood. Thank you
3/2 c76 Sunny JS
This is deffo your 2nd best fic. It just doesn't sit ryt with me tho that Harry has killed Sirius and Lucius has usurped the Black family name. I know you've gone heavy with Voldy's camp, but Harry needs to be reminded who he's fighting for and his true family.
3/4 c76 1TheGreatBubbaJ
An interesting thought the lad has had.
3/3 c76 Amortal
Zhikarov is a name I am coming across in multiple works I have read so far, I guess we might share a taste for the same fanfiction.
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