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for Harry Potter and the Perversion of Purity

1/25 c6 fahri.uchiha
Lol, Ron became Gryffindor's golden boy
1/24 c5 fahri.uchiha
Nice chapter
1/24 c4 fahri.uchiha
Thanks! 4
1/24 c3 fahri.uchiha
Wow, competent Quirrell, that must be a change to like, Snape still.. yeah Snape.
1/24 c2 fahri.uchiha
1/24 c1 fahri.uchiha
Interesting start
1/22 c57 yoto
bon chapitre
1/22 c57 Sunny JS
Ahh come on Harry, Sirius broke out of prison for you. Please don't kill him before you realise the truth!
1/24 c57 Surion1243
Great chapter, I particularly enjoyed the talks with Grindelwald, they are always great and interesting as are his memories.
1/21 c57 Roookk
Just hope these misunderstandings don't result in something too sinister
1/23 c55 Phazer12
Its sometimes good to use what many fics use as a source of wonder and powerups and trove of knowledge, make some hints about it and then thrash it as being non-relavant.
1/22 c19 Martin-di-Arcov
the curse that draws those scenes in my head and forces me to share them proves itself to be ongoing still
Abeforth Dumbledore sitting atop a goat's back as the goat flies over London and a squad of aurors pursue on brooms
illegal charms indeed
1/22 c52 Phazer12
Ohh Hermione gaining a potential ally in her quest for change management.
1/22 c51 Phazer12
The inclusion of time turners is a good challenge, and I think you also settled a big plot hole by saying that time turners are still experimental and this is a real-life experiment. It would explain why it was allowed and why taken after the third year.
1/22 c16 Martin-di-Arcov
as usual with this fic, the mental images keep surfacing and I feel obligated to share them
a child Albus comes running into the house while calling for AbeforthOlder Brother! Older Brother! help me! I think I'm doing it again" he says as he pouts and points at a wall, in it there are portraits of Gellert Grindewald, Tom Riddle and, stuck there with duct tape is a Polaroid of Harry Potter
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