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for Harry Potter and the Perversion of Purity

1/7 c55 YuukiAsuna-Chan
Well Astoria is shaping up to be interesting. Looking forward to see more of her.
1/7 c55 Tony McNucklz
Mayhaps Slytherin's notes on rituals will be there? Clearly Voldemort startesd somewhere, and where else is likley to have knowledge from a long time ago and before wands that one of the greatest wizards of a time long ago? doubtless h looked into the subject. Nothing in rituals being an easy power up is a good limitation, but the study could be harry's chance to start educating himself on the subject.
1/7 c55 Amortal
I wish you gave us a bit more on what he found in the chamber instead of just a note at the end saying no power-up. I like how manipulative Harry is trying to be with Astoria and his perspective towards how he had been manipulated or just that he is learning from life lessons he experienced.
1/7 c55 Kalstorm99
12/24/2022 c53 2maximusrexmundi
Really amused how chummy Harry and Grindelwald are now
12/23/2022 c40 Longsleep
I am reading your story again from the start after waiting a couple of updates. One of the biggest strengths of your story telling is that you take your time with Harrys progress. He is a prodigy and can easily out duel 3rd and even 4th years but of course he should not be able to win against Lord Voldemord or other characters with way more experience.

A lot of people seem to criticize that Ron does most of the canon feats while I think it is a fantastic decision on your part. It wouldn't have fit Harrys character if he got directly involved (like the philosopher stone). It also helps to flesh out other characters in the setting while he has other achievements that will play a big role in the later story.

Again, I am so thankful that you don't bash characters but instead give them their own arcs. It is enjoyable to see how they change and evolve and of course how they interact with Harry in return. It is good that you keep to your story and don't change it based on the whims of some comments.
12/22/2022 c9 1GiveNamePLZ
It's not that we want bashing that's just lazy writing, but so is making him the seeker. There's a reason why there wasn't one for over a century. It's just an unnecessary parallel, and even if it is some sort of set up it's just set up to not actually deliver anything of note. Everything else in his journey seems plausible i guess, mostly the troll scene. You don't have to necessarily follow canon in this way, but I get it's easier to write and you probably planned around it.
12/19/2022 c54 yoto
bon chapitre
12/21/2022 c54 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Obscurial in the making maybe?
12/19/2022 c52 KEB
It seems like Hermione might be Harry's Grindewald (she wants change even more than he), or maybe hes Grindewald as he is more apt to violence? Either way, it seems they could be the next generation of movers.
12/19/2022 c54 1Wicked.A
Nice chapter, I like the teaser for megalomaniac/rebel Hermione
12/17/2022 c54 Kalstorm99
nice chapter.
12/11/2022 c53 yoto
bon chapitre
12/13/2022 c32 Ltbutterfly287
I'm really getting tired of the fact that It's gotten to the point that your wasting all but a quarter of the chapters on vague plots that don't need to be addressed in the manner you address them and visions. Honestly can one chapter please just be about Harry alone cause I quite honestly don't care about everyone else outside of Harrys POV.
12/13/2022 c24 Ltbutterfly287
The fact that half of this chapter is Grindelwald shit is annoying. I love the story but you are focused far to much on Grindelwald to the point that half a chapter on average if dedicated to him. If you went about this better and chose tutelage over annoying visions then I could get with it but at the rate this is going I don't know how long I'm going to be able to take it.
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