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for Harry Potter and the Perversion of Purity

3/20 c3 Dicordum
I am very excited to get into Dark Magic, especially Rituals, no one seems to want to use the very beneficial and permanent form of magic that it is, it’s very useful
3/19 c65 Surion1243
Great chapter thank you!
3/18 c65 Kalstorm99
interesting chapter.
3/16 c64 AshenSilver
Despite the building tension, and the lack of romantic focus this story holds, I weirdly hope harry gets with Daphne. Or Fleur. I wanna watch his brain work out his thoughts on the latter, and I enjoy the sheer irony of the former. Regardless, this story is fucking awesome.
3/12 c64 yoto
bon chapitre
3/12 c64 1TheGreatBubbaJ
The lad is getting it from all avenues.
3/11 c63 2maximusrexmundi
Man I totally respect Harry hating Black but he's really missing a lot of signals something isn't right lol
3/11 c64 Surion1243
Great chapter!
3/11 c64 Kalstorm99
nice chapter.
3/5 c63 yoto
bon chapitre
3/7 c7 I-Nex-I
I know Harry is kind of struck by Diana acting as his first sort of maternal figure, but I just don’t trust her. Especially how she clearly scolded Draco after her talk with him, unbeknownst to Harry. It could be that she actually doesn’t agree with what Draco was doing, but it feels more like she just wants to make Harry happy and emotionally indebted to them. There was that look over the shoulder about Harry being seeker, too. I’m really enjoying this though, and I greatly appreciate how much has been done to make the change in Harry make sense, as well as the focus on his psyche
3/7 c63 Apollo117mc
YOO THIS IS SO GOOD BRO. I gotta get into that discord thing because this is so godly. please keep posting my G :))
3/6 c61 Phazer12
Just thinking of it but the three most powerful wizards in the Europe and all trying to make harry Potter into their
3/6 c63 777AMATERASU777
It would be interesting character development if you kill pansy off :3
3/5 c63 1Wicked.A
Nice chapter the deleted parts as well
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