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for Harry Potter and the Perversion of Purity

3/2 c76 Sunny JS
This is deffo your 2nd best fic. It just doesn't sit ryt with me tho that Harry has killed Sirius and Lucius has usurped the Black family name. I know you've gone heavy with Voldy's camp, but Harry needs to be reminded who he's fighting for and his true family.
3/4 c76 1TheGreatBubbaJ
An interesting thought the lad has had.
3/3 c76 Amortal
Zhikarov is a name I am coming across in multiple works I have read so far, I guess we might share a taste for the same fanfiction.
3/3 c1 KingZeRoPL
Is there any gay stuff? Im not really into that and i want to try out this story.
3/1 c2 Sumvyy
This book is going well so far. I am quite wary of draco, theodore and pansy because it seems like they might take advantage of him. But I really don't want them to use him as a pawn, I'd really rather than become friends.
2/22 c75 Guest
aw I like pansy and harry together
2/22 c75 Sunny JS
This and Road to Hell are my fave stories of yours.
2/24 c75 Surion1243
Another great chapter!
2/23 c75 Amortal
Men-Who-Saved-the-World more like, I don't see Harry doing much of anything until he reaches 17 at least when it comes to power.
2/20 c74 Surion1243
Great chapter, thanks!
2/18 c74 TheGreatBubbaJ
Rather forthcoming.
2/14 c70 1andrewTHATSME
I read this entire story in four days and I may have to cave and go to Patreon so I can get the rest. Very talented writing, lovely seeing you develop from book to book as an author.
2/14 c73 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Wonder if the locket was in there too.
2/9 c73 Surion1243
Great chapter I really like more and more the relationship between Regulus and Harry.
2/6 c72 Surion1243
Great chapter!
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