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for Harry Potter and the Perversion of Purity

11/30/2023 c2 evymel
You know,if the slytherins were to mention that his parents were in Gryffindor, but also his parents murderer Sirius black , they could have tainted him further,
11/16/2023 c68 ironhair
What an idiot. Sirius as well as Harry
11/15/2023 c41 ironhair
Luna died too?
11/15/2023 c32 ironhair
Why didn't Harry report or let Ron/Hermione get punished for using polyjuice?
11/14/2023 c25 ironhair
Speed read this chapter, it' .it out.
11/14/2023 c18 ironhair
At this stage of the story, what s Malfoy sr's take on cultivating harry (vs voldemort) and what happened to the letter Lucius got at the end of the term chapter?
11/12/2023 c1 ironhair
11/1/2023 c69 1StormCrownSr
It's fitting. Harry, having been so corrupted by Grindlewald, that he didn't take the time to listen to his one chance at having a real family. Instead of learning from Grindlewald, it seems that, for now, at least, he's doomed to emulate everything about him. Mistakes included.
10/1/2023 c69 IsaacTheGoat
when is the next chapter please I'm addicted I'm begging you to update soon
9/18/2023 c69 1Kirbs85
9/8/2023 c2 darthkratos24
Only two chapters in and your story is already boring me to death...
8/18/2023 c69 2SPJaymo117
Fantastic writing so far. The best fic I’ve read in ages. Not gonna lie though, Sirius being killed off how he was annoyed me. It was so unnecessary. A waste of a great character.

I’d read every chapter up to that point in two days. Took a week off after that till I could come back and finish 69. Still excited to see where you take it though.
7/26/2023 c14 serpantofice
Wow I'm so enthralled I can barely put this down. I can't wait to see what happens next
7/23/2023 c69 WM17
7/5/2023 c69 Phazer12
I had the feeling with the past 3-4 chapters that Harry might actually kill Sirius Black in a duel or something...but now am waiting for the bomb to drop when he comes to the realisation that Sirius was wrongly killed by him and even if he thinks that he was right to kill, the loss of someone who could be on his side, might send him reeling...
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