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for Galaxy Supernova

4/29/2021 c2 hiya
Fight scenes are hard, don’t blame you! But thanks for updating! I’m not sure who will be the new guardians myself... I’m curious if they’ll do a full team or something else. I honestly wish they would at least give a proper tie up to the story they have so far before they bring in others lol. But for now fanfiction will do. Keep up the good work!
4/3/2021 c1 hiya
Mmmmhhh tasty so far. I’m a huge Xayah and Rakan fan, so can be honest in saying I’m excited to see more with them. I am intrigued by Lux’s POV, however, because I do think she has a very different perspective on things since she isn’t aware of all the facts, yet. I found this from your post on tumblr so will be checking back for updates soon!

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