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for Semper Fi

6/5 c2 Guest
Its abit boring. Maybe you should just focus on your spiderman/my hero aca fic instead
6/5 c2 Greyjedi449t
Enjoyed the chapter very much. Good to see other marines that Coby can become friends with in the future.
Looking forward to the next update.
6/5 c2 3RonaldM40196867
Garp can teach his recruits a few things.
6/5 c1 RonaldM40196867
Coby is certainly fun to watch.
5/16 c1 Nami4Life
I wondered why this had so little attention , the writing was very good , I now know why . As soon as I read Luffy was dead my interest died too, so ye , best of luck to ya .
4/15 c1 Agent Frank Underwood
This is one of the best pilot chapters I've ever read. Although it was sad you also dealt with the biggest obstacle with Coby's dream having even the slightest chance of succeeding, Luffy.
4/2 c1 8The Keeper of Worlds
Hhhmm, promising for sure. And I’m curious, I guess Shanks couldn’t save Luffy in time in this world, got drunk to the nines, and had a baby with Makino. Garp sees her as a daughter, and like with Ace before, hides her true parentage to the higher ups. Quite interesting for sure.

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