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7/24 c1 Helios7406
Harry was right, he is completely unprepared because he was never told or trained.
7/22 c2 Sifo-Dyas
You made a character worse than Snape. It makes no sense. Hopefully there will be backstory on Stump and Rosier. Cause rn I'm just confused asf.
7/9 c14 JuleKiwi
Omfg bahahaha! Love this!
6/19 c14 Lord Romulus Malfoy V
I read that last line and knew even before I read the note that this entire story was written just to make a stupid dick joke, and it was glorious. I still cannot believe I just read 14 chapters and somewhere around 60k words of a well written story just for to be a dick joke, very well done sir. Anyways the story was really good and I enjoyed it immensely, although before I started reading I did have some second thoughts, but I have read and am reading some of your other stories, which are just amazing, and I thought hey why not I haven't disliked anything of yours yet.

Side note: this Warhammer crossover is it fantasy or 40k? I have just recently started playing total war Warhammer and have been looking into some of the lore for that recently and a Harry Potter story crossover with that could be really cool.

Finally keep doing what you are doing you have consistently put out (in my opinion) some very very high quality stories and I look forward to reading all of your future works.
6/14 c14 brachiosaurus
i baffled at the quality in the short amount of words, concise yet so deep and meaningful. this is only below To Refuse The Givens by snark in that category. great read, thank you for sharing with us.
6/12 c5 SomeGuyFawkes
6/10 c14 1erisedreturns
I'm upset, yet impressed.
6/9 c14 MagentaMusings
I laughed so hard that I started coughing and coughed so ahrd I started bleeding. Fucking Amazing
5/20 c2 serpantofice
You are doing bloody fantastic. Never thought I would like this kind of fan fiction. I love how the characters are being portrayed.
5/19 c14 Dumby95
Thanks for this story, and props to you to end it with such a fine line :D
5/18 c14 Radmar
I am afraid that I didn't get the joke. Like, how does "D" mean penis? So, I am glad that author at least somewhat explained it in final author note. I didn't find it funny regardless, but at least I now know what the whole idea behind the story was.

You know, I've been on a lookout for a decent Harry/fem!malfoy story for a while, which is why I didn't filter out draco from my every day persual of newest stories, and boy, what a pain to through all the slash. But it was (maybe) worth it, because I found this story pretty much right when it was uploaded. So now I only need a decent Harry/fem!riddle, and, most importantly, Harry/Lily. I really need that one. I would write it myself, but I am too lazy to get good at writing.

As an ex-DLPer, I was on a lookout for grammar mistakes and typos, but I only caught a mistake in chapter two: "Merlin I'm glad we got to drop Sorcery and Society after O. ."

I think that last bit is supposed to be OWLs. I didn't notice any other issues, but then again, I do know that Steelbadger is capable writer, so I didn't really expect to find any.

About the first author note, I don't mind either of these plot points. I read gender bending stories pretty often. The same can't be said for "drarry", but hey, a girl is a girl. If she has all the right... tools... under her skirt... I don't mind at all.

The story was fine otherwise. I didn't find the plot predictable at all, so there is that. The ending could've been explained better, too. I think that the author was going for canon-like ending, but I am afraid I didn't catch how exactly Voldemort got beaten. If I were to speculate, I would say that Dumbledore got fem!draco to disarm him, and then she got disarmed by Harry? That doesn't make much sense either, but it is something.

What else... Romance was a bit too quick for me to enjoy. Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer when people take their time with such things. Take it slow, get to know each other, some dating, wait some more... That being said, it wasn't exactly bad. I just think they went a bit too quickly from hate to sex. I know it has been months, but author didn't spend much time describing their relationship in between.

But the story is clearly well thought out, with prophecies mashing together too well for the story to be written by the seat of auhor's pants. There was action often, and the story flowed pretty well. It is pretty nice, self-contained thing.

But I guess Lily came out fine out of the whole thing, so all is right in the world for once. Why do I care about Lily more than I care about fem!draco (I keep forgetting her name)? No idea. I get attached to some characters more than others.

This is it, I think. Until I post the review and, inevitably, suddenly remember that I should've written more, of course. The story is written and executed well, but is dragged down by subpar romance and unsatisfying, canon-like conclusion. In my humble opinion. 4/5? Yeah, 4/5. Also because that joke was absolutely horrible and author should feel bad :P
5/17 c14 5J.B. Macleod
I was very, very reluctant to keep traipsing through this story. So much long-form explanatory exposition to do a memey one-liner dick joke? What?

I was like, 'What the actual fuck is Steelbadger thinking with this story?'

Then your genius was revealed.

Absolutely, 100% worth it. Hilarious.
5/17 c14 Starboost
As a long time fan of your work, regardless of what other people think about this short fic, I love it. I rarely post reviews on fanfiction, but I made an exception for this one.

I would say that the storyline occasionally become predictable, after all, you didn't really diverge from Harry Potter canon. However, I haven't been reading that much HP fanfiction for a very long time, so it was a nice reminder of what HP fanfic is all about. The places where it differs from canon were very interesting. After all, to Harry this is all natural and we only get glimpses of how the world is different from the perspective of Harry. The different teachers at Hogwarts, how the ministry is under Malfoy's control (although that really isn't a divergence from canon lol), and other small details are what made this experience so good.

The characterization of Ian Malfoy was, in my humble opinion, slightly weak. I assume because this fic was so short, there wasn't that much space to add that in. And I don't particularly mind. The initial mystery of the new prophecy was intriguing (I can imagine how painful the process of writing a different prophecy would be) and I liked how Ian Malfoy transformed from the place where Draco Malfoy had in canon to an entire different one as the story went on.

Anyways, the bottom line is that I truly enjoyed this work and I hope to read more from you. It doesn't matter to me what you write, so please keep doing what you enjoy and I will read all that comes my way.
Although an update to "Harry Potter and the Elves Most Fabulous" would definitely be welcome as any excuse to laugh during these days is a welcome one :)
5/17 c14 1Skuld Odinsdottir
That was bad and you should feel bad
5/16 c14 1Warrof
That was bad.

Food story though!

Fantasy? or 40k?
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