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for A new life

6/12 c32 WHYBERD
thanks for writing this it was so good
5/30 c32 Lyndseyxx
Enjoyed this, thanks for sharing!
5/27 c32 rachel625
Another fantastic story! Thanks for sharing!
3/21 c32 Guest
Love your story.
2/4 c32 debb lavoie
A great ending, especially knowing that Charlie would know. I loved this Bella.
2/4 c31 debb lavoie
Yay, Bella did great!
2/4 c30 debb lavoie
Victoria is such a nasty chick.
2/4 c29 debb lavoie
Yikes, fighting the newborns is scary.
2/4 c26 debb lavoie
Yikes, newborns!
2/4 c25 debb lavoie
Oooo, that was messy and very funny.
2/4 c23 debb lavoie
A perfect day.
2/4 c22 debb lavoie
2/4 c20 debb lavoie
Bella did well for her first time.
2/4 c19 debb lavoie
That went better than expected.
2/4 c18 debb lavoie
I love Bella as a vampire.
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