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for Forging Our Own Ending

7/23 c6 1Maya-430
I loved reading it!
6/2 c6 4Agiani
Excellent end to the loop.
5/31 c6 18DANIELA123
What a beautiful ending, you know I loved this story.
5/18 c5 Cipangu
I admit that I suspected that convincing Gabriel would be taking longer than one chapter (I expected 2 chapters for this, the first with different tries, the second with the solution), but as usual you surprised me with a very realistic and believable approach. A nearly complete breakdown on Adrien's side was long overdue and putting it before the final confrontation to clear his mind was a perfect way to approach this.

So great work as usual.

Until the last chapter.
5/18 c5 DANIELA123
You do an amazing job on every chapter, I love this story.
5/11 c4 Cipangu
Another chapter well done.
Somehow I had hoped that you will use the password for this and after reading the screne I am really glad you did.
Like I said before I like the flow of this one, it really feels like you know exactly where you want to go with this story.
I also think you did a good job in portraing both Marinette and Adrien. In each scene I thought 'Yes, this is how they would react'
I am impressed.
5/10 c4 DANIELA123
I'm really enjoying this story, I look forward to the other chapter.
5/10 c4 1LadybugxCatNoir2015
I read it and bruh. It's my favorite Miraculous fanfic. And that's saying a lot considering I read like 15 fanfics a week (no joke). Please update soon. This really was mind blowing. It's so clever and I like how we are getting a lot of moments of Adrien being the smart boy he is. Also Ladybug is being so sweet and loving but always staying in character for everyone. You are very intelligent and I can't wait for chapter 5.
5/1 c3 Cipangu
Really good work so far.
The flow of the story is great and it really feels well thought through.
The reveal is also quit plausible. This is one of the few moments where I can see Marinette giving her identity away, which doesnt feel forced. Of course she would do this if it is the only way on keeping herself and Adrien save! Goo thinking about this moment.
About Second Chance. In my opinion a very difficult ability to handle not only in Fanfiction but in the series as well. It is just too powerful. Again you also handled this task with ease and you proved all my fears wrong until now.

Eagerly waiting for the continuation.
4/19 c3 Limlora
This story deserves so much more love ...
I'm so hooked, and that is THE MOST impressive plan I've ever seen. :)
And I can really feel how much fun you had writing. The part of Adrien's second slip-up was just so damn funny!
I had to read it a few times - and even now I'm sitting here with a big grin on my face!

So ... next chapter, Marinette will not remember anything, but Adrien will know who Ladybug is.
Interesting ! I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
4/16 c3 4Agiani
Well, now he knows Ladybug's identity and the password to the tablet containing the grimoire. What's next?
4/8 c2 Agiani
Thank you for the update! Can't wait to see where this goes.
4/1 c1 Agiani
I think Adrien had the right idea in wanting to reveal identities before the final battle. C'est la vie!

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