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12/13/2023 c19 Guest
No solo es un cobarde , es también un idiota con una lógica retorcida. Además de un hipócrita que de todo lo hizo con Irina solo le faltó cogersela. Imbécil y pequeña mierda. Te felicito me he metido en la historia. Sigue cosechando exitos.
12/5/2023 c47 Vamps09
Great story!
7/1/2022 c4 13Elle Whitecap
This seems abusive
2/20/2022 c13 4AlexandraaCullen
Wow I really don’t like this Edward haha! I know he clearly has some issues and that’s why he’s like this but he’s definitely unlikeable so far !
2/20/2022 c10 AlexandraaCullen
I was hoping for this moment, I feel like they need this separation and maybe it’ll kick Edward into realizing what he will truly be missing
2/20/2022 c6 AlexandraaCullen
I’m usually all about the Edward/ Bella pairing and will root for them but I honestly want nothing more than Bella to leave this toxic situation, I feel for her
12/27/2021 c1 Guest

www dot fanfiction dot net/s/14011295/1/Caillou-Montana


www dot fanfiction dot net/s/14011295/1/Caillou-Montana

10/8/2021 c47 flyrbrd
Thank you! I really love a redemption story :)
9/2/2021 c47 midnitereader
They're finally in a good place. And who knows what might happen on this family vacation.
9/2/2021 c46 midnitereader
Awww I loved this chapter. He shows her everyday how much he loves her. And she returns that love. They're finally where they should have been.
9/2/2021 c45 midnitereader
Wow, he told her that he wanted her even when he was with Angela. He was so blinded by his grief he couldn't deal with all the emotions.
9/2/2021 c44 midnitereader
I love that they're reconnecting. Edward expressed that he's a different man and he wants to leave the past behind if she wants that too.
9/2/2021 c43 midnitereader
Por Edward. He loves her so much but he has no idea how to be in a relationship. H messed up so much in the past. But comforting her and telling her what a good person she is should show her how he feels.
9/2/2021 c42 midnitereader
Finally she's allowing him into her heart. She wanted that kiss. He seems a better man and they can only move forward.
9/2/2021 c41 midnitereader
Edward finally realized that everything he needed was right there with his family. What a truly joyful Christmas this day was.
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