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for Della's Dream Job

5/16 c9 GinnyB
Loved this story, as you gradually add to and fill in your Perry/Della universe with this "how she started working for Perry" episode. You describe and fill out the characters so well. Fun seeing a slightly different personal side of Hamilton Burger and his role with both Perry and Della in her accepting Perry's job offer; and the contribution of law clerk Jackson with just the right details at the right time; and of course Laura getting put in her place by both Perry and Della - that was yummy.
You've been quite successful in enhancing and deepening the setting and possibilities for more episodes in the wonderful story of these two beloved characters. More please!
5/8 c9 3GirlCalledIronside
Fabulous story, thanks for posting. You're both very talented writers
4/24 c9 Guest
now only to get rid of laura. i'm glad for them. enjoyed the story.
4/23 c8 Guest
that went well for both i guess. i didn't think she would give hamilton a hard time. i wish she could
have stated with hamilton. a while longer.
4/23 c9 52shari
That Laura she may be quite proud that she caused trouble. She wanted to do that. But don’t think she thought of the outcome. Good that Della is a fast thinker and took the first step
4/22 c7 Guest
well, that was a surprise to me. i thought della would turn perry down.
4/22 c6 Guest
i thought mabel wasn't coming back. i was hoping that della could stay in the berger's office.
4/22 c9 Marlys
It took them a while but it's nice that they are finally together where they belong. Thank you for writing.
4/22 c9 25CaptainChaos
Excellent, really enjoyed this story. Great writing. More please
4/21 c5 Guest
boy that is a pickle of a situation. i hope della remembers what a great job she has. and she loves her job. thank you for the paragraphs.
4/21 c9 Tamarral
Omg this was so good. I need another chapter or two
4/21 c8 Guest
Great chapter, nice to see Hamilton win almost. Thanks for sharing
4/21 c9 Poohbuds
Oh that was good. From start to ending
4/21 c9 tengland2
Nicely done. Just can't get rid of Laura, Perry getting angry at Della. Her anger certainly made him think. Glad she was waiting for him at his place. Thanks.
4/21 c8 susiegeorge
This is so GOOD. Loving it! Can't wait for more:)
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