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for Harry Potter and the Runecraeft of the Norns

5h c12 2CMVreud
You really go all out with your descriptions, eh?
I mean I just ate but my mouth is watering again.

Good for the story, bad for the plot, a pity they're fillers, ex ergo a long side-quest.
5h c5 CMVreud
You know, reading Harry buying a house in disguise...
...I just had this wonder idea of him buyinh an old house and only using it for relaxation. The cover being them of an oooold money family and beeing a bit cooky, a bit spooky and hamming it up like Camelot in Monty Pythons 'holy grail', they're the Addams family.
Sorry I could not resist.
5h c9 CMVreud
Twothousand... oh, right, it's somewhere in the 90's.
5h c10 CMVreud
For an infinisely small moment, as I read 'a pair of horns', for that small moment I really thought you'd go with the joke and make it a crumple-horned snorcack.
5h c7 CMVreud
I hope you come back to the two lovebirds that propably are a triangle. Because Ngo could have loved them both but seeing their budding love for another she sacrificed her luck/happyness so that these two could get together.
5/26 c1 CMVreud
"Superpowers", eh?
Please stay with magic instead of some sort of super-cross-cross-over.
5/1 c12 Anonymous
Love your work on this series, and although I can't login for "reasons" I wanted to say I hope you finish this series if you're still alive and kicking... Whenever I can get back to logging in, I'll definitely add these to my favorites...
4/26 c12 im1
Thank you for the wonderful story.
4/26 c12 Silky Button
This series has been quite the ride so far.
I do hope you are able to return to it one day; trust me, I completely understand a hectic busy life

Thanks for sharing!
4/12 c12 clrrich
Just found this story and wanted to thank you for it. I do hope you can come back to it
1/28 c12 CynicArchon
i love this series, in the last 2 dies i have read it start to finish. this is amazing. i hope everything turns around for you and you are able to return to this.
1/20 c12 BeyondTheDive
I absolutely love your series, I've binged the entire trilogy in 3 days! I hope you're doing well and that we might see an update or author note soon
1/15 c1 lil drummer dude
Pls drum up another chapter. T’would be wonderful
12/30/2023 c1 FlawedBauthor
Sucks you were too stupid to finish this. Shame.
12/24/2023 c12 138trustingHim17
i have binged this series over the last couple days and thoroughly enjoyed it. wish you'd come back and finish this! :)
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