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4/2 c89 Guest
…. You wanted to slip a gun ban into a story about a world where magic far and away outstrips any damage a gun can do? Heck, where physical attacks with melee weapons can do more damage than any firearm is capable of? This feels like an author pushing a personal viewpoint rather than any sort of logical progression of storytelling.
4/1 c96 Guest
How to make a good shield hero Fanfiction how to do skills and numbers?
3/31 c79 Guest
Not going to lie, but plot hole here. Fitoria can see through FILO’s eyes and knows when something is wrong. She would have dropped everything to stop this centipede character you’ve made. Not a fan of it, by the way.
3/25 c96 Daniel
Hey incredible wordsmithing
3/17 c96 Osimandias
He pensado en algún movimiento para Teal, como lo pueden ser lanzar espinas envenenadas o algun ataque sónico como el de una mandrágora
3/16 c96 2HeartGemHolder
I'm not annoyed at all. Some writers just take more time than others, heck, i read a 25 chaoter fanfiction thst took the author almost a decade to finish lol

So, with 96 chapters? You're certainly doing better than them, lol. Monti is a beast with how strong hebis, his self control is both his greatest blessing, but also the biggest hindrance. But still, he isn't alone, so they sucessfully managed to surpass that inferior clone. Hmmmn. It was interesting seeing these new family combos, Blast Furnace was certainly something interesting to me. Very creative use of a defensive skill to increase damage. Hmmmmn!
3/15 c96 grotmoter
God I feel like this chapter shows how broken Monti is, he goes very unnoticed in other chapters but now you can see that he is a wave boss with a very high level I like him now I have a very clear idea of how strong he is and why he continues Being Naofumi's eldest son, by the way, thank you for continuing to update, it is a great story, it amuses and entertains me a lot, please continue like this. side note I am a Spanish speaker so I use google translate to send you this message so it may be a little strange sorry, but you still have all my support for the series it is very good thank you and goodbye
3/15 c31 Varbi
I liked this chapter
3/15 c30 Varbi
If I am being honest, you did well on the npcs characterization, I like them a lot, altho I was a bit miffed after reading them all
3/15 c29 Varbi
I like the family time he has with his kids
3/15 c28 Varbi
I love seeing Motoyasu get kicked in the ass
3/14 c24 Varbi
Bye this is so cute!
3/14 c23 Varbi
3/14 c20 Varbi
3/14 c18 Varbi
I actually would like her to be a mini villain, but later on sort of redeems herself by helping Naofumi.
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