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1/20 c86 Warlocktoungue
So... Fitts enlisting criminals to fight in exchange of reducing their time in jail... hmmm... that one has a lot of potential... maybe in the future we could get to see a special task force under Fitts command... something like a suicide squad...?
But seriously, it was an awesome chapter, pal! Keep up with the good work!
1/20 c86 8prince of underbrush
good for Monti, he'll be a savant at the "city builder gamethey'll at least have a monorail by the time we get back).
1/17 c57 Higashiyama Sayuri's Devout
Powerfully OC type antagonist... sigh... let's see were this goes.

Hopefulli he wont have Cell's(Dragon Ball) regeneration skills BS.
1/17 c86 8Light Hero Kaiser
Most interesting great chapter mate can't wait for more
1/17 c86 1setokayba2n
Again with 'Games' it seems Naofumi need to hit their head until their brain work again
1/16 c86 Mernom
I wonder how powerful Territory Reform would be if it was owned by a Royal...
1/16 c86 Nightshadegirl
loved the territory reform ability, building will be a breeze now.
1/16 c86 5Cathulhu Writes
Take as long as you need. Life happens and this is (most probably) a hobby at best.
Now onto the chapter.
I'm wondering of those citizenship of Noafumi's are gonna kick up a stink about Gex.
Can't wait to see how you depict the Spirit Tourtise! I wonder what Itsuki and Motoyasu are doing though
1/16 c86 2HeartGemHolder
Magiguns... Basically staffs, but gun shaped and maybe focused more on accuracy. Seeing the type of attack they can shoot, maybe specializing them for Marksmen might be a good idea. Focus on using them in long range combat, instead of an infantry wrapon might be a good idea.

Yeah, this chaoter was tense. But thing could have turned so much worse... Oof. The Vassal staff is whinning like a little kid wanting to go back to their old babysitter basically lol

Alrighty, Monty is going to become Pravus Gaming from thr Shield hero world. Lol he gotta hit that grind to make those perfect planned towns. He'll create a Brasilia like that. Hehehehe.
1/11 c69 fortem sanctus
I still can't understand what Monti's supposed problem is
I also hate the phrase "it's okay to fail"
Teal will see when they fail to defend a town from a wave and many people die, but of course it's okay to fail, all those people dying will be fine
1/11 c59 fortem sanctus
Stopping how much you have of the wed novel, this may or may not be a spoiler, but the thing about the SP of Monti and Liviccic can be fixed by appealing to the following
the waves are caused by a goddess named Medea Pideth Machina
In the case, Malty is an avatar of this goddess, having a part of Medea's soul inside her
Being the weapons created by gods or beings similar to Medea Pideth Machina
Taking this as Base, Monti's SP can be explained as something that all wave bosses have to use spells and techniques capable of affecting the sacred weapons, this being a characteristic given by Medea to end the heroes and destroy the creation
On Liviccic's side, his SP can be explained by the fact that Medea tried to make him her avatar when he was a newborn, as she did with Malty when he was born, but Liviccic, having a more "pure" soul, managed to repel Medea's attempt. Because she wanted him as Easy Avatar, her negromancy was unique and if she managed to fully understand her control of him, she would almost certainly have the destruction of that world, having a servant capable of reviving the monsters that she sends to that world.
As for Leon's magic, they should simply put that the ARCHIMAGI CLASS allows you to use other magic with the disadvantage that it is 10% weaker and requires more Mana than it should.

English is not my native language, sorry for the mistakes
1/10 c20 Anonymous
So far it is a 9 out of 10. The story is great but there are a few grammar mistakes. Really good though.
1/8 c1 Anonymous
I've read up to the 3rd one so far and I am loving it.
1/3 c85 The Fan
Can Naofumi gain a Stat-Boosting shield if he would absorbs Stat-Boosting items.

Als can he try to absorb parts of himself like his hair to maybe get a hero boosting shield.
1/1 c73 Red haired tiger
So know teal is coming up with plans to get people to beat up her own brother she truest is the worse.

Are you trying to make her as irredeemably horrible as possible.
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