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for The Other Side (Comfort Crowd Sequel)

11/15/2021 c8 expat24
It's finally happening, they are making memories for years to come to cherish as a group of close friends whilst each one of them is ready to turn a page to new adventures far and beyond ... It's going to be tough on Tris and Tobias but hopefully their relationship and family will be there to support them all the way. Great chapter thanks.
11/15/2021 c8 Guest
Great work. I love how you wrote the graduation and where each person is going. Also the way Tobias thinks about Tris is so sweet, I really love his internal monologues about her. See you next time!
11/15/2021 c8 lexinthecity
I'm relieved that Tobias is so supportive of Tris. Thankfully, Tris told him right away about Duke but also her overall decision to go to her dream school anyway. I anticipate a few bumps along the road over the next 4 years, but I'm hopeful they come through it stronger.
10/26/2021 c7 expat24
They are enjoying their last few days, moments of carefree teenagers together finishing off high school before moving on to new things and away from each other.. Friendships will be tested over years to come... Great news that Tris has received various college offers...May she make the right decision for herself - Whatever happens Tobias will be supporting her if she goes to NZ to ensure their relationship survives the long distance months and years of separation... Their bond and love is strong so i am hopeful. Thanks and great chapter.
10/26/2021 c7 jenna
WONDERFUL CHAPTER. these more frequent updates are making me so happy. i hope Tris will stay true to herself when she makes her decision. keep it up
10/26/2021 c1 Jennifer L
This chapter was very interesting to read and made me view them differently than how they are portrayed in the Divergent series. It seems as if there are no different groups and that Tobias is known as Tobias and not four, so this is a completely different series but in my mind I still see the characters from the Divergent and their personality.
10/19/2021 c6 Guest
Great chapter. Looking forward to more regular updates again. Glad Tris and Tobias are steady and strong, it’s good for Tris to have a good support system while she’s going through this! And the family is adorable as always, I love how you’ve written it.
10/19/2021 c6 jenna
So glad you are back! i’ve missed this story sm. loved this chapter
10/18/2021 c6 expat24
So pleased you are back with updates on this story!
Great that Tris got accepted where she wanted however so far away from ber loving family,siblings, beloved Tobias and support network of friends on a day to day basis will be tough...
No doubts the next few years will be a demanding challenge and experience of a life time for Tris. Hopefully they both will keep growing together despite the distance and as long as Tobias is in the background, their relationship will thrive! Look forward to the next update as and when, thanks.
10/17/2021 c6 lexinthecity
I'm glad Tris got into the school she really wants to go to. It's a big decision going to a school so far away. I wonder how much her conversations with Ezra and Anna will weigh on her when she finally has to figure out what to she's going to do.
8/2/2021 c5 Guest
Lived both stories, hopefully you don't end it there though. Need more
7/27/2021 c5 expat24
Love the '' sweet talk'' between Tobias and Natalie which put a smile on my face!
It's great that he gets on so well with her parents, there is this untold complicity between them and it makes their family rapport so much warmer, friendlier and healthier especially since Tobias is in for the long haul relationship with Tris. In view of their potential temporary college separation the promise ring is a very thoughful and excellent gift... great chapter, well written thanks - look forward to more as always.
7/26/2021 c5 lexinthecity
Great conversation between Natalie and Tobias. Important to have those honest conversations...especially if he wants to be part of this family permanently at some point in the future. Glad that Tobias insisted that they just think about Tris' birthday and not college decisions that can't really be made at the moment anyway. Great gift to show her he's committed to her and their future no matter where they end up going to school.
7/3/2021 c4 expat24
I had to re-read chapter 3 to remember but no worries, i am pleased you are updating this story.
Caleb, always Caleb, the precious star of the family although Tris' records is equally as impressive with her acceptances. Being European i never realised it's such a big deal in the US about College applications. Tobias is very supportive regardless of the outcome destination and will make their long distance relationship work which is all they need to keep going for now - Thanks again for this chapter.
7/2/2021 c4 lexinthecity
So stressful not knowing what your next step is going to be. I feel for Tris, especially with Caleb and Tobias knowing exactly where they're going. I'm sure that is only weighing her down more. Glad Tobias is being so supportive, though. That will only help her make the best decision she can make for herself.
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