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for Wyvern Queen

9/2/2023 c18 Guest
Ah damn. Why is every well written crossover must be cursed to be ignored and abandoned while random overpowered self-insert be endlessly popular?
6/12/2023 c18 prinzjay1998

*flips pages*

"Where's the rest!?"

1/27/2023 c18 Guest
It's somewhat unbelieavable that a story this good wasn't popular
Also please update. I know this isn't your main story though it's still worth it
7/12/2022 c18 60HarmanSmith64
I just re-read the entire story from start to finish over the past couple of days for the second time ever. I can’t believe it was this good! I really love the characterization of essentially everyone (although a number of the Black Eagles are conspicuously absent)

I would definitely love to read more.
2/14/2022 c18 Sho
A well done story
1/16/2022 c18 Guest
Update soon plsbwklwi
11/22/2021 c8 Jling
11/7/2021 c18 Guest
You're a good writer
11/4/2021 c18 Chaldea
Amazingly written, criminally underrated
10/10/2021 c18 12Riaru Takeru
This is a great story! Hope to read more soon!
10/3/2021 c18 Adit
Just find this story. Very very good. Sorry if my English is bad btw
9/25/2021 c18 Getting away
It's a mystery how this story is not being more popular, it's very good!
9/15/2021 c18 Yamero
Nice chapter
9/14/2021 c18 I wasted my life
Oh wow, Edelgard actually talks about some of her issues and Hubert is socializing. Stranded in Westeros seem to be a positive experience for the Black Eagles.
9/3/2021 c17 Caver Floyd
Good chapters. Looking forward to see whether Astapor will be able to stand against the army long enough for reinforcements to arrive.
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