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5/30/2022 c10 193Loads of Randomness
Hahaha brilliant
5/28/2022 c10 390OPS Manager
Lol, so cute. Glad to see you feel good enough to write again!
9/4/2021 c9 193Loads of Randomness
Hahahaha, oh, tbis was fantastic. Loved it
9/4/2021 c8 1altarp2408
Now that is funny...
9/4/2021 c9 ZeroGirl
Mehr Callen und Sam bitte.Für meinen Geschmack ist es zuviel Densi.
9/4/2021 c9 390OPS Manager
LOL! Love this.
8/1/2021 c8 193Loads of Randomness
Loved it
8/1/2021 c8 390OPS Manager
Oh Sammy boy. ;))
7/31/2021 c8 211fountreeshipper317
Omg, lol. Too funny
7/28/2021 c7 193Loads of Randomness
Tbis was absolutely hilarious
7/27/2021 c7 390OPS Manager
LOL! Yeah, those ads can be brutal if you hear them enough during commercial breaks
7/27/2021 c7 211fountreeshipper317
7/27/2021 c5 fountreeshipper317
first, awesome story I love it. Second, that's awesome! My mom's friend made me a shirt that says Feminine and Deadly(from 2x23)
7/27/2021 c4 fountreeshipper317
this is too accurate lol
6/12/2021 c6 13Dramamama5
Oh funny! Deeks hit the floor. LOL Nice.
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