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4/22 c7 4Doc0517
Ahhhhh. So good.

A satisfying end to this sequel. And I see that there is room for more. You left the door open and some important things still unresolved. Lucky us - perhaps you will return to the story again.

Great stories, all of them. Such memorable, authentic characters. We want to know more and see what happens next. That's the sign of a well-written story or series.

Thank you for writing and sharing.
4/22 c6 Doc0517
I loved this chapter. So fitting as the next step in the process. Roarke's people need to understand what they are dealing with, and the plan to include Blue in a council is an excellent start. The Realms-people have run roughshod over Roarke and Andrea long enough. Some serious changes are in order.
4/15 c5 Doc0517
Wisdom has escaped Rosanlodar. He is transfixed by power and is willing to steal it for himself and use it to take the lives of others. His power pales in comparison to the one final power left to Andrea and Roarke.
They recover what has been stolen from them, and now will come a reckoning. Those who plotted against them will be held responsible, and the Realms will have to get used to a different arrangement with Leader.
Great chapter and visuals - just like a movie. Thank you for this wonderful sequel.
4/11 c3 Doc0517
No means no, except for these two conspirators. We can just sense the wheels turning, and a trap setting up. These two are going to be very sorry they ever messed with this family, I’m guessing.
4/11 c4 Doc0517
The trap springs shut. A woman who won’t take no for an answer will have to face the consequences. Her gamble didn’t come close to working. This chapter was the perfect setup for the fight about to take place. Roarke shows a side of himself that hasn’t been witnessed before.
4/5 c2 Doc0517
A dance has begun between Roarke and Mrs. Lee. She is determined, but so is he. And when Mrs. Lee discounts Andrea, that can't end well, I imagine. Fireworks ahead if she doesn't change her mind and leave the two in peace.
4/5 c1 Doc0517
Ahhhhh. Back to these wonderful characters. I love the snippet of history about how the Realms came to be. And I love the way you re-introduced Roarke and Andrea. Mistaken identity, or so it would seem...
Your characters are so familiar and comfortable. I missed them, and it's wonderful that you are carrying this story forward. Mrs. Lee seems like a bit of a runaway train. I don't think she has any idea what she's about to experience on Fantasy Island.

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