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5/13 c49 Guest
Waiting for months for a chapter that takes 4 minutes to read is NOT worth it
5/6 c49 Carryon
Is it possible for harry to use air as a way to make slashes kinda like sukuna's cleave
5/6 c49 Thehonoredone
Why is the best stories always the least updated
5/6 c49 1RomeoDreamWriter
Oh yes, I like where this is going.
5/2 c1 Luxo11
Stupid chapter
4/28 c49 1gullu.ozcan75
please continue
4/14 c49 OscuraCat
Absolutely love it so much! Can’t wait for the next chapter to come! Love the relationship with Harry and Toph.
4/13 c44 OscuraCat
Can’t wait for scenes with Harry and Toph! Absolutely love it!
4/12 c49 MawOfTheVoid
4/11 c27 OscuraCat
Love Azula in this story! Am really enjoying this so much and am having a hard time in putting it down to get work done.
Chap 27
4/9 c37 Guest
That’s bullshit author. If you want to make your character struggle that’s cool. But at least make it believable. The most powerful fire bender in the world falling before some mook? That’s not a funny joke. You’re book is good dont fuck it up.
4/11 c11 OscuraCat
Absolutely love this so much so far! At chapter 11 right now and love it all.
4/9 c49 nikitos00100
I hope you give Toph the respect she deserve, she is the Best after all.
4/6 c49 Fire turtle
Please tell me there's going to be an omake of toph beating up every single guard and right before she walks out the front door she turns to her parents, who are gaping at her in shock, and tells them " I told you I could be every single guard and the mansion".
4/8 c49 Sons of death
Toph is badass
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