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11/18 c3 tylerk6014
Wow Talk about a long distance relationship
11/12 c3 8SithLordNilis
great job keep it up
11/8 c3 13Yorae Rasante
Doubt I'm the only one that thought of what would happen if Naruto "overshadowed" Amber's comatose body.

But still gonna ask. Would he take over and become a male maiden, and if so would it change how the powers work forever or just while he is there? Or would it leave the body? What about the part with Cinder, would they be drawn to fight each other to become complete?
What about Amber's old soul, would she come back, be too fragmented to do anything but help Naruto, is already gone and it is now free rental space for Naruto?

While I can appreciate a single-pairing story, I'm a bit sad about Ruby and Neo.
11/4 c3 Guest
You don't suppose it's possible to make an Aura version of the Rasengan.

11/4 c3 7triscythe59
Hope you plan on working your other Naruto x RWBY Fanfictions
11/1 c3 A fan
So glad to see the new chapter. Excited for the next one. Keep up the good work
10/27 c3 Shin
My only gripe with this is I'm concerned you're gonna create another new fic and this one will be left un-updated for ages. You have a really good Naruto and Zootopia fic where Judy is a rabbit summon that Naruto is friends with that hasn't been updated for awhile among others. I can understand when you get a new idea you wanna slide out before it leaves your head but don't forget past fics for new ones.
10/24 c1 Crio Yaroi
We ain't doing that retard and weak canon Naruto now. Screw that.
10/22 c3 18Dragon and Sword Master
why do i have the feeling that Ruby will quickly meet and befriend Tenten when they head to the Elemental nations? Also...I like what you did by switching up Team JNPR and Team RWBY's fights. Well done
10/21 c3 Vic the Man
Ummm... if Naruto possessing Ruby leads to her coming to the Elemental Nations, then the reverse is also possible. Especially since there's more proof to believe since they can possess Shadow Clones. I can definitely see Ruby and Tenten doing this for their fellow weapon nut... I'm calling this partnership Red Panda.
10/18 c3 Look2021
Good Chapter!
10/18 c3 13Zenko13
great chapter can't wait for the next one
10/17 c3 12XenoBlaze
More. More! I. Need. MORE!
10/17 c3 draculyn28
great chapter, greetings
10/17 c3 Guest
Y’know, as soon as naruto and yang have the ability to touch one let’s just say there relationship will begin in a “YANG”
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