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8/18 c12 Godschildtweety
Great story
6/7 c12 22guest with a lot of ideas
A nice story, although I would have liked Mal to play a little harder to get with some teasing but I am fine with it.
While I do like Beast/Adam being overbearing and it works for the story content, it was on the verge of going too far near the end. But didn't reach it
I do have a question however, I was trying map out Ben's age and I think he is 24 but I would like to confirm.
Either way, Kudos for a nice Bal romance.
5/29 c12 4461394
Good story
5/29 c12 lilyflower101
I' glad they got their happy ending but I'm sad that it's over.
5/25 c11 lilyflower101
Learn your place Adam. Its below everyone else while you're acting like a dickhole.
5/25 c11 shortanamx
love mal and ben are doing what they want ? wondering what how ben and his family will react as he figures out who mal's dad is?
5/24 c10 4TheGirlofManyFloods
OMG! Finally! Yesssssssss! Can't wait for the next chapter.
5/23 c10 lilyflower101
It's about time one of them asked the other out.
5/21 c9 AvatarUzumaki
super cute they are both jealous! great chapter
5/21 c7 AvatarUzumaki
poor Ben, why does mal have to lie. adorable chapter
5/21 c6 AvatarUzumaki
great chapter and suler glad it didn't take years to cancel the marriage contract
5/21 c5 AvatarUzumaki
and mal was finally coming out of her shell around him. darn you beast i I know this was your doing! great chapter
5/21 c4 AvatarUzumaki
super cute
5/16 c9 TheGirlofManyFloods
Ooh... you’re right, it’s a fun chapter to read.
5/11 c8 lilyflower101
She's getting some of the *hero's* on her side.
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