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9/5 c20 mewjersey
I know you did not just leave us on a cliffhanger! I'm dying over here. Ahhh! The fluff. I wonder what their going to talk about. *winkwink* Great chapter
9/5 c20 1Miststormdrift
Yay i cant wait for the next chapter. I dont want the story to end! Will you be making a sequel?
9/4 c20 shortanamx
we the ready want them get out their denial stage.
8/23 c19 lilyflower101
Could Ben be anymore of a love sick puppy?
8/22 c19 nadasnape
Aww Mal and Ben finally Kissed
8/22 c19 Descendants-fan08
Yasss! Finally! They seem to be more oblivious then Adrien! Also I love this book and seeing that it was updated really made my day!I love this and I can’t wait to read more! But down stress and take your time while updating!

8/22 c19 Guest
Jajja love it
8/18 c18 Godschildtweety
Really good
8/13 c18 23SailorSedna052
more please
8/8 c18 Guest
Ahhhhh more more place
8/7 c18 lilyflower101
Good luck Ben.
8/2 c17 Guest
OMG it was great more more
8/1 c17 lilyflower101
Oh poor Mal. I feel a little bad. I laughed my ass off reading that part. :D
7/31 c17 3brimason0201
When are you going to update your one shots?
7/31 c17 Lynn Pines
Hahaha! I love this. All of this. From your use of the word corrupted to Este playing matchmaker more so than Evie. Canmt wait till the next chapter, but take this as I want it tushed. Take yout time.
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