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6/9 c16 10HonestBee
Absolutely lovely ending, and now you've convinced me more than ever that Eliot can't lose this comfort by outliving them.
6/9 c15 HonestBee
Very fitting end! I like Jim's side story, though of course it was a horrible thing. Nate and Sophie waiting along with Hardison and Parker was also a nice touch. As was the clean up crew...
6/8 c16 Wilivtul
I really enjoyed the whole story.
6/8 c16 597Ghostwriter
Wonderful ending. I love it.
6/5 c15 Ghostwriter
Oh wow. Poor Jim. That had to be heartbreaking for him to reveal. Well done with this chap. I cheered them all on as they exacted justice. Keep it up.
6/5 c14 10HonestBee
Go Hardison and Parker! Am I right in thinking their presence might keep Eliot from giving into some sort of bloodlust? These baddies have to die, but that doesn't mean Eliot should enjoy it...

I am intrigued to see how this ends!
6/5 c13 HonestBee
I laughed so hard at the image of Nate and Sophie running down wolves in a pickup truck...and the "kinda dead" wolf in the back.

But that was after my heart melted over the whole "Eliot's little sister" comment. Happy feelings!

This is turning into some hunt!
6/5 c12 HonestBee
So much going on here! I love that more wolves want in on the hunt, even though it's being led by mere humans, love that Ewan saved Hardison (such cute swearing!). I am wondering where that one guy went, and why he needs sage, and am also intrigued by Eliot and Nati's talk on the roof...I hadn't thought about Eliot outliving his friends, but it does make sense that he easily could. And I don't think his friends would want him making decisions about their future without consulting them. Hmmm...
6/3 c11 HonestBee
Oh, this chapter is great! Reunions, Plots, and Vengence all around! I also really enjoyed the quiet moment between Sophie and Eliot.

Saving the rest to read after work!
6/3 c10 HonestBee
You got ahead of me again! Well, at least I have several chapters all ready to read without a wait in between...

Once again, I love the addition of historical characters...the Spaniard sounds like a fun one.
6/1 c14 597Ghostwriter
Oooh awesome. I love this. Joseph is probably gonna get someone killed with his attitude. Keep up the great work.
5/29 c13 meliss9900
I’m slightly concerned about Parker and Hardison going to help considering Joseph’s resentment of following Parker’s orders.

Poor Sophie. This werewolf stuff just got so real to her.
5/29 c13 Ghostwriter
Ooooh boy. I hope Frank will heal mostly all right, though he sounds like he got pretty mangled. Keep up the great work.
5/27 c12 meliss9900
I’m glad Nati brought that up to Eliot. I worry about him being alone too. Makes me wonder if the others have actually realized it.

And Parker would make an outstanding Wolfy.
5/25 c12 Ghostwriter
And Parker is going to be wanting to kill people. I love it.
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