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1/24 c5 BlindSwordsmanNaru
I really enjoyed binge reading the first 5 chapters. You have a very unique writing style and it really helps seperate the differences in how characters, and people in general, process things. Looking forward to reading more of this story.

As for your request on opinions for future lines to take, I would be interested in seeing a drastically different version of Naruto. So, to that end, I would request/suggest having Zabuza convince Tatsuo to join him and Haku in aiding the Bloodline Faction of Mist. You get to explore story lines that were only revealed much later in Shippuden and maybe pair Tatsuo off with Mai. Given personality types, they would likely start off as oil and water but eventually end up as something homogeneous and stronger because of it.

Given Tatsuo's bloodlust and Zabuza's nature, they could actually have some very interesting missions together and compliment each others skills greatly in a way eerily similar to Kisame and Itachi.

Regardless of which directions you go, I will be happy to join you on this adventure going forwards. Thank you for sharing your story and god speed with fighting the toll of progress.
1/24 c4 Davidab931
For number 3 from the wise words of a little girl from a taco shell commercial, "Why not both?"
1/24 c4 grimmouse197
What ridiculous low standards for the super Kitty clan
1/24 c3 grimmouse197
Oh I see so only certain skills and abilities are random based that's actually fine with me it's just that when every attack is completely random damage is when I have a problem.
1/24 c2 grimmouse197
Oh no naughty dungeons & dragons based rolling system I hate that personally. I strongly dislike the fact that each attacks is completely random in damage.
1/24 c1 grimmouse197
Do you know how rare it is for Naruto fanfics that are drop in instead of reincarnation ... It's really rare
1/23 c5 Cosray8d
Nice chapter!
Naruko is definitely going to be a if not the love interest in the future. (if he can get rid of the monogamous trait a love interest)
But Sasuke (with the use of the token) could be as well and right now he acts like a Tsundere.
I still have a theory that Sasuke has a seal on him that makes him look like a boy because of clan reasons.
(which would explain his/her jealousy)
As long as the Mc is in Wave he should be nearly as strong as Kakashi with his reputation perk so the dungeon should be a piece of cake for him.
The 1 in reputation was probably due to Nagato and Konan.
Tobi and Zetsu probably don't give a crap.

Water walking should be next for the Mc and Chakra strings could most likely give him a stat boost too.
1/22 c5 alexbarnes806
I hope he starts building his sex up because while strength and endurance are very important the don't mean shit if your to slow to take on enemies I also worry about the leveling and class system at the current rate even with dungeons it could take him years to max out monk and get to change classes
1/22 c3 olympaforged
how does CC work. because when he started it was 10 then it jumped to 80. the lower the score the better his control or what?
1/22 c5 Brocole07
good chapter keep up the excellent work.
1/22 c5 1zackman2k12
another good chaptah! thanks!
1/13 c4 Coolguy001
1 for naruko and she is bisexual from her views about sakura... So u see where I am going?
1/12 c4 4Fritosaurio
I am enyoing this story so much
Thank you for writting!
1/12 c4 Lavick Vell
Great chapter, thanks for sharing it.

I liked they way you dealt with the summoning. Jaguars will be awesome once he levels it up and has the chakra for the better ones. I'm looking forward to seeing what jaguars you come up with for him to summon.

I'm hoping you'll have him follow team 7 to Konoha. I liked the way he interacted with Naruko and would love to see that pairing. With Kaguya, I figure it would take a long time for her to even show up in the story, and Naruko is just a more interesting character.
1/12 c4 1zackman2k12
This Story is so much FUNNNNN goddang!
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