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4/4 c1 I move weight
gamer mind and the game deciding the MC personality is weird.
4/4 c3 I move weight
is this Yaoi?
4/4 c11 Terracotta Tortilla
This is interesting. The story is good so far, just kind of weird at times. The way you write can tell us a lot about your thought process, like with Mei and Naruko. You lingered on the tits for a while, even after you said Naruko was basically high school age
4/4 c10 Terracotta Tortilla
Kind of weird that this slaver of an MC is going to be treated like a hero soon, but I guess it makes sense. Weebs enjoy the slaver fantasy, 2 of the most popular Isekais at the moment have to do with an MC having slaves and there's another popular anime where the MC is just straight up a rapist.. so this checks out I guess.
4/4 c9 Terracotta Tortilla
Yeah...this is definitely a fantasy you've had before. Kind of gross for a 20 year old. Hope no one trusts you with their drinks at parties if you're in college.
4/4 c4 Terracotta Tortilla
We doing that dumb thing that Naruto fanfics enjoy doing? The whole "My name is Sasuke, I love having things handed to me. Even though the manga completely proves this wrong" thing? Ugh, if this was a harem I'd say it hit all the tropes for stories written by a virgin author living out their fantasies through story, since you genderbent both Naruto and Haku too. It's not a harem though, so maybe you're different
4/4 c4 Terracotta Tortilla
MC is oblivious to the fact that people find gore disturbing...why?
4/4 c2 Terracotta Tortilla
The MC is a self important idiot. "How dare Inari think I'm a bad guy?! I'll let this go, but only once!" How oblivious can you be?
4/4 c11 Addicted to Reading018
thx for the chapter
4/4 c11 MustacheNinja737
Thanks for the chapter~~
4/1 c10 peanutbutter6996
3/28 c10 KureijiRyuu
Thanks for the chapter, but I have to say it's really weird to see the MC being all cool and joining the "good guys" right after slaughtering kids and heroes.
3/28 c9 KureijiRyuu
I honestly thought this arch was crap, the MC so far acted like an anti hero or even a hero, but suddenly we have him being a villain of the worst kind! This came completely out of nowhere
3/28 c6 KureijiRyuu
There are Kagebushin users in other villages, this is actually a very common and well-known Jutsu, it was probably only on the parchment of forbidden jutsus due to the high chakra requirement (or plot). A Genin or Chunin can end up killing themselves if they mess up with this jutsu, since in addition to costing a lot of Chakra, it divides the user's chakra between the clones.

Normal ninjas can only make a maximum of 5 clones, so naruto is basically the only one capable of using kagebushin for training purposes.
3/28 c4 Worker626
This man strolled up and started using someone else's bathroom. Supervillain status achieved.
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