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19h c1 scyfly
pri-dogy naruto? xD
9/18 c28 6Arrexu
ur english has improved... but has nobody in all this time ever told you that "is good" is wrong?

"it's good" etc.

it is is
9/17 c40 Kurokawa Uzuna
fun question: why didn't Konan just destroyed Nagato's Rinnegan when she should've know about obito after Nagato's death?
9/17 c40 Kurokawa Uzuna
fun answerbecause he's naive at that time
9/17 c20 That1RainyDay
He could’ve been taught Jaraiyas hair jutsus and left it that long but he can definitely come back to that in the future or just the authors choice really.
9/16 c40 midnightscar17
Why didnt he adapt them to himself after nagato died? Lol
9/16 c40 Devilscreed
Naruto didn't destroy the Rinnegan because of Konan. She was the one to take the bodies and since she told Toby that Nagato's eyes were "this nation and village's greatest treasure!" trying to destroy the Rinnegan would not have gone over well and probably would have led to a fight.
9/16 c40 2thtadthtshldntb
Naruto had no idea that the Rinnegan like other dojutsu could be transplanted. I don't think Kishimoto had even decided at that point that those were implanted eyes in Nagato.
9/15 c39 KingRK
great chapter
9/14 c1 Zetsway11
Since I see that the novel started with baby Naruto, I want to ask if it's one of those 100k words prologue(until cannon starts)? I don't really like to read the baby phase, so an answer would be appreciated.

Thank you!
9/13 c39 thtadthtshldntb
while it would be cool to make a jutsu called Deep Forest Emergency, I think you meant Deep Forest Emergence.
9/13 c39 10tailsJinchurikiNaruto
Amazing I can't wait for the next one and is this a harem story if so that would be great
9/6 c6 6OriksGaming
Honestly, I tried. As little promise as the summary indicates, I'm desperate enough for something to read that I clicked. I tried to continue reading as far as I could, but I just couldn't manage to enjoy it.

Ultimately, the writing is just subpar. It's an extremely generic OP MC with a harem, with bland dialogue and countless errors. While I assume you're not a native English speaker, you really need to find someone who is to beta read. Good writing can make a bad story bearable. This one isn't bearable.
9/6 c10 groverthegoat
kind of annoying you have a 6 year old naruto talking like an old kage. its not realistic even in the context of your story
9/2 c37 Ashura Hagoromo
You can have new story with paper style (konan's ability) kekkai genkai having Naruto. That will be interesting control over paper.
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