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11/25 c82 5FORD B
Awesome chapters like always!
11/24 c16 2ExXiled
so this takes place 7-8 years before canon? alr i fw this
10/29 c1 aFASDFASDF
What does it mean, to be a good man? Who is "good"? What is "good"?

Come on man you aren't going to advance philosophy posting on fanfic... just stop you are not aristotle. I can poke a million holes in every one of your supposed 'themes' of this shit fanfic. Just stop trying to pretend this story has some revolutionary story to tell that hasn't been explored by people in 300ad with way less education that you (meaning you are dumb)
10/18 c1 iyedtaabouri289
I like this
9/20 c77 5FORD B
Awesome read!
9/9 c76 FORD B
Very cool!
8/29 c75 FORD B
Very interesting!
8/26 c74 FORD B
Great cliffhanger!
8/13 c73 FORD B
Very great reading!
7/15 c72 PersonLatinoamericaComun
Holy shit man i forgot what was Cinder doing and i remembered it was like ohhh damn! men please keep writing men your work is great
5/30 c69 Viki909
Jonathan shook his head, this was no time for past regrets, it is done. Now, as Jonathan could feel the limousine stop, is simply the next step.

Heh, he said it
5/30 c69 Kaninne
I really like to story so far the only problem is that the pacing with the last few chapters were awful. I get it your doing it for the build up but literally nothing happen in the last 2 or 3 chapters. I think you are draging it for too long otherwise good work mate.
5/18 c68 FORD B
Cool chapter!
5/12 c68 ThatSpaceMann2
I’m so excited for when the Summit finally takes place.
5/8 c8 1Arenjie
Fairly sure that ten million is a drop in the ocean for the SDC, even this early on in the timeline. It'll be as painful as stepping on a Lego - hurts like a mofuka but nothing they cant easily recover from.
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