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for Oh Be Careful What it Takes

7/14 c6 14Mrs.Williamthebloody
Loved loved loved this! If ever you do decide to continue I'm am 100% here for it. Man you are really a incredible writer.

I will now go sift through your other Eris fics to try to find one I haven't read yet!
5/7 c6 14Michaela18
Enjoyed it?! I loved it and the ending is great, even if you never add another word to this. The insinuation is enough and wow, I was leaning closer and closer to the screen…. Lol, as if that would have helped :)
5/7 c5 Red
This is amazing. I love this idea. Just less formality and more tris trying to become dauntless. Also you know different start, very different situation. Its fun to read something new.
4/30 c1 Karla Sprague
Hope it is a Tris Ana Eric story
4/11 c2 4Hannani
I'm really curious to see how this unfolds! A great start for the story!
4/11 c2 Vex
Looking forward to seeing where the story goes now.
Think I’d be making that decision too.
4/8 c2 Laulau240
Oh I thought it was not true that she didn’t really choose abnegation then maybe a dream ! But no she really choose to stay, for now... Is she really able to transfert in dauntless now ? I’m looking forward the next chapters already !
4/3 c1 Moirai73
I already love this. The end wasn't at all what I expected.

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