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6/15 c2 Guest
Can the full harem be Robin, Hancock, Nami, Vivi, Reiju, Viola, Hina and Charlotte Smoothie
6/16 c1 gwb620
I get this is for fun and isn’t going to extremely accurate but I hope you realize you can’t push though the cervix into the womb. You do know that right? Doing so would cause the woman extreme pain and would need surgery as she bleeds profusely. The man would also be in pain from that too. If this happened and she gets saved then the chances of her ever having children are pretty much zilch. What’s more is the opening in the cervix is so small that it only opens for one thing, child birth and is to small for any penis to go through. Sorry for the rant but reading that immediately took me out of the story and just made think how Luffy just probably killed Robin as without her receiving immediate medical aid she will die.
6/11 c2 Guest
conti plz nami vivi reiju rebeca
5/26 c2 Suqu124
Incredible story and love how things are setup and everyone is in character is a way that helps support the story. Looking forward to more tho since they are in amazon lily maybe a luffy centered orgy would be in the works especially Margaret would helped save luffy when he 1st came to amazon lily.
5/20 c2 kronarack45
Esperare con paciencia el próximo capítulo
5/17 c2 Edward Newgate
Looking forward to continuing!
5/16 c2 Guest
Awesome I check every day for a new chapter
5/11 c2 David87
Awesome. Vivi next?
5/8 c2 Guest
4/30 c2 Monkeymerc
I do hope we get chapters where he gets with a bunch of random Amazon's and Mermaids
4/27 c2 Pandaman300
Wow... Esto va para buen camino si Hancock fue la primera(ya me vi el one-shot), ¿de casualidad pondrás a las demás Kujas o a las hermanas de Hancock con Luffy?
4/27 c2 7drezz master
4/27 c2 drezz master
hinaaaa rebecca smoothie?
4/25 c2 DKILLER1
thanks for the chapterwaiting for more.
4/22 c2 Portgas D. Potter
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