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for Fate: Bonds Beyond Humanity

5h c55 codywhite162
What an excellent chapter yet again. This story is still one of my favorites to read! Excited for the next chapter and that ending it seems like Shirou's disguise is none other than the Rose of Rome herself Emperor Nero Claudius. I find it interesting that you went with that character for Shirou to use but then again Nero is still best girl no matter what so I can only really say good choice. Umu!
3/26 c55 Counter Guardian Lightwalker
I'm suddenly realizing I've never thought to ask, nor have checked to see if others asked at some point, but I was curious. is there any chance that when/if Medusa grows back to her adult form, will there be a chance of her joining Shirou's (currently) mini-harem? If you've already answered this and I forgot because I'm a dumbass, then I apologize for my idiocy. If you don't want to speak on the idea it's fine, but if you are okay with talking on it I'd be curious to know, as I'd personally love to see Medusa join Shirou's harem. I'll go ahead and state that if you reply via DMs instead of next chapter author notes, I use the app, and I can only read DMs made via the app because the system between Site and App is weird. Sorry for the unnecessarily long comment that has nothing to do with constructive criticism, only going and asking about something that I probably shouldn't bother you with, I have a bad habit of making these longer than anticipated.
3/26 c10 Shinigami200
The only real answer to all that question is that archer went to the time period of where those weapons were and saw them there since he’s a counter guardian and gets sent to different time periods to stop threats to humanity and Gilgamesh has all weapons just cause Calaburn has an original it doesn’t mean that Gilgamesh can’t summon things like Gea Bolg
3/22 c55 Yay-man
Yay yay yay yay yay yay
3/22 c51 1Dimihd
The time has come, Nero awakens
3/20 c55 Kur0Tsuk1
ahahaha. Azazel knows a lot about jokes!
Although Shiro, it seems, too. Well, or he has already talked too much with the fallen!
3/19 c55 UhterPendragon
you telling my... arzazel is building a gundam... and shirou is nero from dmc... pffrtt hahahahahaahha... oh my god this is pure gold
3/19 c55 NTMkensei03
A bit slow at the start but still a solid chapter, really well done fight scenes as always. Why is Shirou still hiding his identity? Is it for something important or just goofing around for fun?
3/19 c55 1T.wilson2116
She’s a Gremory, is he lying because they are still in a crowded area? I honestly don’t see the point in it. Shirou only kept hidden to avoid the crowds, now that the situation turned serious the ruse just seems unnecessary and actively detrimental.
3/19 c55 jslee102
Nice job with the fight scene at the end, looking forward to the conversation with Lakmia
3/19 c55 3Maglad
It was a good chapter. I really enjoy when the fanfic goes its own way compared to the original story. After all, if I wante to re-read DxD with a Shirou cardboard cutout on it, I'd just print a shirou pic, cut it, glue it to the screen and read.

Seriously, too many 'crossovers' just go through the exact same story, plus the new character in the background, doing nothing more than existing. This, on the other hand, is a great example of what a crossover really should be like.

PS: I am a bit sad that their double-date was ruined, but we were told Xenovia and Shirou were going to wait at least until she finished highschool, so I guess it wasn't a surprise. ...not that Iri wouldn't celebrate, though. I'm rather sure that woman sneaks in at night to poke holes in Shirou's rubbers.
3/19 c55 1Dimihd
Lol, I guessed it, but only half. For some reason, I immediately thought that it would be Nero. Only I provided his image as from the devil may cry. Instead, I hope I'm not mistaken for the 2nd time, he looks like Proto Arthur.
3/18 c2 Just splendid -Sane says
3/18 c55 keybladelight
Nero really shirou well time for the gang to enter in a filler arc which I can wait to see what will happen.
3/18 c55 blackcell9000
You dig giant robots!
I dig giant robots!
We dig giant robots!
Chicks dig giant robots!~

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