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3h c82 Guest
The dynamic between Kirei and Gabriel was interesting. It reminds me of another Tsviah IV video (I believe it's 'The mind of kotomine' if I remember correctly), where he talks about Kirei was trying to not go down the dark/evil path. Surprise that his request for Shirou to make a Noble Gear for Caren. And, by the looks of things, certain members of the church is creating excuses to create problems (which reminds me of Azazeal being curious of certain angels causing problems). However, it seems creating a Noble Gear still isn't easy; since main issue is having a 'core'. I wonder if some alternatives to creating a core will show up on the story.

On the Old Satan Faction's side, it seems things had gotten disturbing. Zolgan gave Katerea a new body somehow. Her appearance has greatly changed, but it seemed that her body is able to handle Orphis's power. Then there's the fact that a relative of hers had to have their life sacrificed so Katerea can stay alive. Then there's Zolgan, who seemed to possessed a body of a Lucifer descendant. Didn't think he would take over a devil body.

Although, I did find it interesting when they discussed Orphis's power: that infinity is the concept that explores possibilities. I wonder if that will be explored.

I wonder how the the ambush will go. I feel like it's extremely possible for Issei to go berserk (as I recall the first line of the chant for Juggernaut Drive being recited when Shirou was fighting Altria while Ddraig was getting mad). However, I wonder if something unexpected will also happen(I'm still on guard of the 'bomb' called Rin).

This was a good chapter to read.
3h c82 Guest
This chapter was basically the 'calm before the storm'.

A lot of things was discussed between Azazeal and the others. Good thing they're trying to lessen the damage of the surprise attack while keeping things a secret. Although, it was childish of Serafall to try and pick a fight with Gabriel. Things discussed about Shirou's (or Bellerophon's) new abilities was interesting. Its ability to allow the owner and passenger to breathe almost anywhere is really shocking (I guess Bellerophon was justified to try to swim in lava after Akeno's fight in the underground). The only thing it's comparable to the Heavenly Dragons is in mana/divinity reserves. Lastly, the most dangerous thing about it is its speed. However, it doesn't make it be in the top 10. Then, there's the Married Blades, in which Shirou himself was able to find different ways to use.

However, I'm really irked that Shirou really rushed into a situation without thinking ahead (to NOT reveal the moonlit world), along with his unjustified retribution to Azazeal. Stunts like that is just (and I already dislike the guy) making Odin's 'test' to see if Shirou is trustworthy more justified...This stunt seemed to have Serafall possibly not look favorably to Shirou ( which could be bad as Sona is already unfriendly to him and Rias's Peerage).

Next is the talk between Shirou and Kirei. Should've known Kirei was going to say something to irritate Shirou. However, some things had been revealed here.
10h c82 Isaasol2
So is Katerea Leviathan supposed to be Tiamat or something?
19h c82 4Monster King
Amazing story please continue it soon
5/23 c81 Reader117
I have the sudden urge to listen to Sweet Dreams whenever Shiroù uses Last Stardust XD
5/18 c81 VolcanoHammer
I loved this chapter, I love the way you keep Shirou true to his ideals even after his power-up,

but Illya is starting to get on my nerves more than I ever expected her to. I usually love Illya, but her whole “ let’s kidnap my brother, threaten or try to kill those he loves, let’s give the people trying to kill him and his loved ones ways to fight them better, commit essentially magical terrorism, plot to genocide anything not human, while not even caring about any normal humans getting killed by your actions “ then she wonders why is Shirou ready to kill those who explicitly want to do all of this, bad Shirou, no killing genocidal maniacs, even if their deaths would be a positive. And her whole I am going to not even see my brother for years, aid his enemies, willingly strengthen said enemies, and make Shirou suffer, then expect him to be the same as before she left is annoying.
It’s honestly very irritating and that is a good thing, it keeps me invested in the story, even if there are many times where I feel that Illya doesn’t deserve to keep calling herself Shirou’s big sister, nor act like she isn’t trying to deprive him of everything and everyone he loves, Shirou’s character shines because of these contradictions, he knows she is actively putting his lovers, his family, his friends and himself in danger, and he doesn’t care, he will save her, but she is still acting like a fucking brat who keeps annoying their sibling and ruining their work because she decided that she wanted to join the hero faction without speaking to her family.
I know this may seem harsh, but I had to let this rant out lol, maybe because it’s so egregious for her to say she cares for Shirou, only to essentially backstab him at the same time
The fact I feel all of this is a clear sign of the author’s writing skills, and I already anticipate the next chapter
5/14 c24 DRaG0Ns
This story is interesting but getting through these early chapters is a slog due to the grammer. Everything is in present tense which makes the story really awkward to read.
5/14 c81 213thsephiroth
Your chapters are just as epic as ever.
5/10 c81 NTMkensei03
Damn it! I fumbled! I typed in Setsura instead of Setsuna! And here I was claiming to has some justice for the girl, smh, I am in great shame. I forgot to ask, during the weapons spam, are any of those based on real world or other fictional weapons? Or are they your own original ideas? and what about the numbers? Are those statistics hold any deeper meaning or I'm just overthinking about it?
5/10 c81 NTMkensei03
This chapter was PEAK from start to finish! With your descriptions and my dull-sense of imagination, Shirou's upgraded armor "look" fantastic! If I have to voice any complaint then it has to be the glowing/shining light not being Red for Kanshou and Blue for Bakuya but anyway, I really wish there were artists that want to illustrate your armors design into reality. "Rider and mount becoming as one" huh, I never thought about it like that, kinda similar (a stretch to be honest) to Lubu and Red Hare, lol. Does Ascension has any effect on Shirou's mental state? Or he was just feeling...high at the time? Like the time Gojo Satoru achieve his enlightenment, "Throughout Heaven and Earth, I alone am the divided Tw- I mean honored One" and all that. Using Dimension Lost space distortion to combo with Angelo's treasures, I see that you read/watch Prisma Illya, or at the very least looking into it some bits and pieces for references. I know I have been complaining about this since the dawn of time but I really am not a fan of bleached hair Shirou so I will start taking copium and hope that Shirou's body will be "healed" to it best condition in the future. Next is the Kyoto arc, can't wait to see more of Yoruichi and hoping Setsura will finally has her turn of justice!
5/9 c81 xXwolfsterXx644
Another great chapter as usual dude definitely Can't wait for the next update and for how the hero faction whole plan fall to ruin around them
5/9 c81 4LastManStanding616
If I'm guessing correctly with demi-servants this could get very interesting

the questions are:
area of effect ritual (enter the space and a chance to 'ascend') or item requirements
have they limited themselves to human heroic spirits (near faded/slain gods hiding in the throne)
can reincarnated devils get demi-servanted (luvia/Astraea)

if yes to the first two then i see Rin also getting 'upgraded'
And now I imagine Angelo with young, caster and archer Gil acting as stands during empowerment.
Then Shirou steps up with multiple routes, CG EMIYA, EMIYA Alter and Muramasa acting as stands and archer Gil starting yelling about fakers
5/9 c81 Guest
love the ending of that battle
5/9 c81 Gd
Rafuki22 is a buzzkiller and likes too much nasuverse make your own nasuverse story then bruv
5/9 c81 17Ignisha
And the Kyoto Arc is arriving. I wonder how things will turn out this time?
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