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for Fate: Bonds Beyond Humanity

1/3 c73 4Monster King
Awesome work please continue
1/1 c72 Guest
Rereading, I noticed the moment when Shiro killed Shinji and hated the fear in his eyes before death, and in the same chapter, his rage at Gilgamesh for his inaction reminded me of one Beast. And could there be that goddess who split into Medusa and her sister Tiamat, which would be quite ironic with her awkwardness that she is called mother, plus do not forget that the appearance of one Beast causes the appearance of another.
12/27/2023 c32 Isaasol2
The talks of Byako(I'll never be able to spell it right) reuniting it with it's other half makes me think of Artoria and Shirou!

In the DxD anime, I didn't care that Kiba hated the Holy Sword, hell, I was all for it. But now it's different, I don't want him getting in the way of my ArtoriaxShirou.
12/27/2023 c29 Isaasol2
When is King Arthur going to be introduced?! Artoria and Shirou are destined for eachother! Avalon forever!
12/27/2023 c28 Isaasol2
So, I was wondering, as it's been on my mind for sometime now... why is Jeane apart of the Khaos Brigade? Like, I understand this is the original Jean who was told what to do by God, who is somehow dead is DxD universe, but like, is she part of the Khaos Brigade because the Holy Church/Catholic Church is allied with the Khaos Brigade?

I would say that Jeane wouldn't approve of genocide of any species, but at the same time this is a woman who has dedicated herself to God, a being who has and will see fit to an absolute destruction of his enemies and the safety of his people. The Ten Plagues and Armageddon being a prime example of this.
12/23/2023 c15 Isaasol2
I... honestly feel insulted for Gilgamesh if this is his descendant.
12/22/2023 c72 Sonic2610
Love Chapter, finally UBW in action and I like the character of Altria, looking forward to see her enjoying Shirou's food. Happy holidays by the way.
12/21/2023 c44 Guest
Massive win for Shirou especially against one the most annoying opponents like Zogen. Nice to see UBW being unleashed for the first time and boy it didn’t disappoint. Hope to see Issei next in then next chapter because he desperately needs to overcome his fear or else Asia might get taken away by that psycho Diodora.
12/21/2023 c72 codywhite162
This was simply incredible! I also love Shirou's new aria to summon Unlimited Blade Works it suits him rather well. Now all he needs to do is train with it and he will eventually be able to reach Archer's proficiency with using it. Thank you for all of your hard work with this story this far and I am super excited to read what will happen next :) Happy New year to you as well.
12/20/2023 c72 1Trasgo Madaraz Artifex
And for my last trick, this is one I like to call; 'Who let the dogs out?' "

*Hrunting barrage ensues*

"Wait, that's illegal!"
12/20/2023 c4 Isaasol2
Artoria better be apart of Shirou's harem. She is part of the story right? Cause it ain't no Shirou without his Saber.
12/19/2023 c72 Mernom
I think you missed the order of magnitude for the number of insects Zolgen had by at least 1 order of magnitude, possibly 2.
12/16/2023 c72 keybladelight
Finally shirou unleash Unlimited Blade Works happy that you Finally made shirou use is reality marble and knowing is aria chant to summon is UBW.

Zolgen was truly dangerous happy that shirou kill him he is truly a monster I was hoping for shirou use tsumagari muramasa to kill him but I guess shirou didn't finish the Blade of Senji Muramasa that want ti surpass the gods hope that the next one shirou finish is the ultimate sword that can cut, time, fate, destiny and divinity (I think it can kill gods) tsumagari muramasa to use the noble phantasm of the demonic blacksmith senji muramasa tsumakari muramasa move.

Man the holy grail was mentioned that was close zouken didn't find the grail in shirou's house at least that is save.

So Altria and Fay are gonna eat the emiya food cooking that can surpass the gods cooking hope that Altria and Shirou can be close together after all I imagine she as the look of the fate stay night 2006 anime mordred image and not apocrypha mordred form. Hope that gray pendragon will appear in the futur and meet shirou emiya.
12/16/2023 c72 Guest
glad zouken is gone and I hope for good. nice first activation of UBW
12/16/2023 c72 3prietar
that's a really clever way of making shirou use his reality marble for the first time not gonna lie
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