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for Fate: Bonds Beyond Humanity

12/12/2023 c71 DreadSK3
Love this story btw if you want some inspiration or ideas on how to develop more of Shirou's powers I recommend you read From Fake Dreams it gives a very nice perspective of how Shirou's abilities would develop if he knew what he was doing and trained them, he also has a unique pair of mystic eyes called Pure Eyes of Structural Grasping, it also shows how Shirou deals with politics, how he plans and prepares for battles and you could also get some ideas for weapons and stuff or how to develop other characters. Would love to see you implement some of them like the Pure Eyes
12/4/2023 c32 Solice XXX
I know this probably isn’t going to get read but, the way you got Rias and Shirou together is just so horrible to me. He knows about Setsuna, Yoruichi, and Luvia’s feelings towards him but he never acknowledges him personally except for that one time with Yoruichi and states he isn’t ready for that kind of relationship. Then, it’s like you’re just having Shirou shit on their feelings by just having Shirou and Rias have sex immediately. Sorry the story was good but this just broke the story for me because there was barely any buildup to their relationship and I was fervently hoping that wouldn’t be the case. Sorry, I know this probably won’t get read anyway but I just needed to vent, peace man.
12/3/2023 c71 ElYoker2002
It's been a while since I post a review, unfortunately it isn't a good one for reasons that I will enumerate.

First, there's too much things happening too quickly, first the Aphrodite problem, it's literally right under the noses of everyone in the DxD Team and a major problem since she it's a literally goddess in the territory of other pantheon. Then the Zolgen problem, like, dude, wtf? Zolgen was know not only for his bugs but for his ability using curses, the dude literally create the Command Seals and the book of the False Master, be reduce to a "simple bug user" it's a shame and a waste of a character (even if it wasn't a full Zolgen, cause it's obvious that the main bug it's with Rizeveen, probably as an reincarnated demon). For last the problem of the Rating Games, now we are entering in the "3rd season" with a lot of things that the anime doesn't show properly and with that the perfect opportunity to make Issei's Trauma shows up at it's fullest, we will need a really good speach between Asia, Issei and Diodora cause it's really exhausting see Issei just get frozen and don't tell anything even if he just get hurt in the process.

Second, Caladbolg... again, man, this is the second time that you made Caladbolg like this, first with Rias and now with Zolgen. Caladbolg isn't a NP like Excalibur that you can modulate it's potency when you say it's name, with Caladbolg, Hrunting and most of the NPs if you use it's name then it will go at it's fullest; that Caladbolg literally was needed to obliterate that Zolgen, the Mansion and most of the Neighborhood with that shot... and you used it to kill a bunch of bugs... that's a SERIOUS nonsense for you're part, cause if you want to make the same effect then you can use Hrunting instead. Remember that Caladbolg can make distortions in the space with it's rotation.

Third, Altria and Avalon, I really don't know how to start here, it's obviously here that she is the "reincarnation" of Artoria using the body of Gray but something is off, even her connection with Avalon seems off in a sense that doesn't feel right, even with her as an ally, or temporary ally.

Fourth, the injury of Shirou, I know writed in the fic but the fact of Shirou forbidden his armor it's like a plot divice only for the purpose of let him use Avalon, and I don't like it a bit, too convenient. And if I don't remember wrong he can actually made a projection of his armor whatever he want, and he got all the time from the Ice Cream Store to the Matou's Mansion.
11/30/2023 c69 scaryskeletonxd
setsuna daughter of one of the king of kyoto or something they meet in the earlier chapter when shirou first attended kuoh
liz a einzbern puppet/shirou bodyguard, and also one of the earlier characters to be introduced
11/28/2023 c71 codywhite162
Another incredible chapter as usual! Loved the alliance between Shirou, Xenovia, Le Fay, and Altria going to hunt down a bug who just doesn't know how to stay dead. Also Rias showed up as well :) If this is indeed the last chapter of the year then please enjoy your holidays and I shall be waiting patiently for the next update as this story is one of my favorites.
11/27/2023 c17 Gilgamesh50
I havent read in a while so when i got back to it i forgot who half of these people are
Setsuna? Liz? Etc
11/26/2023 c71 keybladelight
I always wanted to see Shirou vs Zouken fight and you have not disappointed the epic will finally begin anc can wait to see shirou and altria talk in the aftermath and hope they get connected to love because shirou as avalon and that is why shirou is seduced by altria is because of avalon.
11/26/2023 c71 Daniel Zamri
I won't taking a review on this chapter..
But, i just wanna say, HAPPY HOLIDAY!
Please take a rest..enjoyed your vacation with the families and friends
11/26/2023 c71 NTMkensei03
A bit slow at first but overall a banger of a chapter! (Except for Caladbolg, it can blow up mountain bro, I understand why it didn't here because that mean our heroes would be dead too, but if you want Shirou to used something less destructive then just use Hrunting instead). Kamen Rider Dunrandal! Shirou Altria tag team! with both of them being draw to each other there and Rias joining the raid! Next chapters surely gonna be something, I can't wait to read them!
11/26/2023 c71 Dasgun
11/26/2023 c71 4Monster King
Awesome work please continue the story I'm enjoying it
11/26/2023 c71 Guest
Good Chapter
11/26/2023 c71 scaryskeletonxd
Currently reading chap 73 right now, anyway have fun at your vacation!
11/24/2023 c70 scaryskeletonxd
The greatest of fool truly an ironic fitting name for the vessel of a certain beast who hate a certain fool ;)
11/20/2023 c1 Jojo2424
Good work
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