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for Fate: Bonds Beyond Humanity

5/1/2021 c4 soumilplays03
Great chapter!

Just one minor error, "unfortunately not since dragons are a species in extinction", I think this should be "dragons are an endangered species".
5/1/2021 c4 5Soda-fiedPsycho
Magecraft should be ludicrously powerful in this setting.
Lorelei shouldn't be second to anyone in the Clocktower.

Age of Gods haven't ended, so Magecraft gets a massive boost in power and magical energy.

Hell, Shirou wouldn't have trouble facing Vali if he was sent to the Age of Gods.
5/1/2021 c4 calderoneric758
So no sengo muramasa for shirou
5/1/2021 c4 1SentinalSlice
Great chapter. I wish you showed Shirou forging the dagger thing though. Also, can anyone use the structural grasping dagger?
It’s interesting that people are looking into who Shirou was before the fire. I’d love to see them reveal that he was/is a descendant of Murumasa.
5/1/2021 c1 36king carlos
Olha só, outro Brazuca aqui na Fanfiction net. É bom ver mais representantes aqui
4/27/2021 c1 cyrilalbar06
The books are totally deserving. I loved them, and I think they are must read. If you have some great stories like this one, you can publish it on Novel Star, just submit your story to hardy novelstar. top or joye novelstar. top
4/27/2021 c3 Vixm
I cant wait for more. Its already my favourite fate x dxd fanficiton.
4/23/2021 c2 vietthai96
The fic is good an all, but after finish chapter 3. I think you should toned down the amount of OCs. Also mixing Holy Grail war in DxD plotline is not a good move. Well i will waiting for the next chapter, it look like the main pairing is established as Shirou x Rias, and while i'm sad that Rias...again being used, i really interesting in how you handle the character development between them, most of other fic have Rias in it did a poor job of handling characters development
4/21/2021 c3 E
So Shinji in this is engaged to Sakura Toshaka, not Sakura Matou... then it is safe to assume that Sakura doesn’t have the usual purple hair for obvious reasons and in this Shinji is actually decent in Matou Magecraft which I assume is due to the mix of DxD and Nasuverse magic...

Would’ve thought that Sakura might have hated Shinji’s guts due to his rotten personality as I assume her personality in this isn’t the exact same as she was in HF unless she got blackmailed by Shinj or Zouken some how or maybe even threatened.

Unfortunately for Rias Shirou’s EMs development might not happen anytime soon as EMIYA is the reason how Shirou managed to develop his advanced projections so fast but there is no reason to assume that there aren’t any other ways to jumpstart that especially in the world of DxD and Rias has the resources and the political power to potentially seize those means but her problem is that she need to be more active if I have that word right.

Man if Koneko met Shirou, she is probably going to ask him to cook for her every day while Rias get a tick mark stare in jealousy while Akeno tease her.
4/21/2021 c3 Guest
The thing is, DXD is about as dark as say... Blood C (Good show go check it out).

Some examples can be:
-The entire genocide of the of the Nekomata species.
- The experimentation of children for the Excalibur shards.
- The forced evolution of sacred gears users by Morgan Le Fay (Mutation)
- Forced marriage of the 72 pillars
4/20/2021 c3 Guest
NOICE, keep going!
4/20/2021 c3 Guest
The fact that you said that the Bleach story fell hard just menas you did not understand the manga att all. Sorry to sound harch but thats simply the truth. You say it fokused on to much on the mc just shows me you simply skipt alot of the kontent of the other characters and ther development.
Now this story, good way to introduce the other characters from the other series( Wavers was my favoriter).
4/20/2021 c3 Coco-muh
4/22/2021 c3 JustAGenericGuy
Ótimo capitulo. Achei bastante interessante o world building e a configuração do colégio, estou curioso para ver como os acontecimentos vão se desenrolar.
4/21/2021 c3 InnocentxPsycho
When i read setsuna I thought of an older Setsuna from Negima
Swordsman (swordswoman?)
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