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for Fate: Bonds Beyond Humanity

4/22 c77 Darkjaden
Why won't one of their plans not work for once just so we can have a unique situation. Someone work hard and push themselve with something near torture yet this is how it ended. I normally route for the good guys yet this time I wanted Ravel to win. Marysue Rias and even if she loses against somekne later she will have nothing to lose.
4/22 c80 Daniel95
Finally! New chapter!
4/22 c80 Guest
glad we finally see shirou with both kanshou and bakuya
4/22 c80 4Monster King
Awesome work please continue the story your doing amazing work
4/20 c67 2Alastair Crowley
Yo I’ve been enjoying this story so far but i wanted to stop and mention that the development of Gasper, or lack of development of Gasper is kinda annoying to read? Like why is he getting beat up by Issei in the first place? From an audience perpective this only shows that someone who was recently a reincarnated devil has now become stronger than a dhampire with forbidden balor view. Is Issei stonger than Gasper? And even if Gasper is weak why is his only strategy to throw himself at the enemy? Kid needs emergency re-training with Kiritsugu stat. Gasper just kinda seems like a nothing character at this point. He is weaker than everyone else and every strategic move he makes is the worst one. (like when he stayed to fight when Shirou was kidnapped instead of just telling the Lucifer in the next castle over.) I would appreciate seeing more development, both as a combatant and a character (I know you can do it, you are great at charcter writing) for him in the future. Another alternative could be killing him off as if done well it could be emotionally resonant in a way that develops the other characters while making more time for the rest of the already heavy cast. (Perhaps one of the Greek Pantheon makes a move later) Part of that seems to be the fact that you didnt want the Sitri peerage to reveal their best first or that timestop is hard to counter in a fight but it still makes Gasper look underdeveloped especially as everyone else, even Asia is more useful to have in the fight right now.(assuming she is fighting with someone else)

That being said, I really appreciate the worldbuilding of this story as a lot of the ideas that went into the exploring the underworld arc were really cool and I loved how the arc with the underground arena developed so natrally. Watching Akeno have her moment of power was very cool as well. It was a battle to the death that really helped to encapsulate the end of a wonderful arc of character growth for Akeno in the Underworld.

Also, I really hope that Shirou finds some way to be a devil if the amount of rating games increases in this story a lot as its always fun to watch all the characters work together. (Excalibur arc was great for that).

Finally, I know it was a few chapters ago, but the rin gets mindthralled by a godess thing was choice plot move . I hated reading it, but as a plot choice i can only respect it.
4/18 c49 ImHateful
I forgot to say this, but I do think Shirou should of gotten more slack and punishment for putting Medusa's gift in a situation where it could of possibly been destroyed, like we just glossed over it and never talked about how fucked up it was for him to do so, Medusa should of done something or there should of been a negative consequence for that action, why I think so? Because that's literally the last piece she has of both of her sisters, last thing she has of the time from before and he unnecessarily put the Pegasus in danger, there should be a lot of backlashes for Shirou because I feel like he doesn't really learn from his mistakes unless he gets burned or slashed for them, I really do not like Shirou sometimes for how he's portrayed, it's one of the frustrating parts of the story, even with the situation with Setsuna, I was routing for her the full time because of how hypocritical Shirou was and unlikeable he was acting there, he let Asia, Kiba and two people who haven't been in the moonlight world for more than a year hunt for the excalibur's, he can't even use the excuse that it was dangerous because he didn't know that it was that dangerous until it fully hit him, like hello! Devil's are also susceptible to holy energy as well and yet he didn't make that much of a fuss.

Sometimes wish that Shirou could have his actions bite him so hard that he actually starts rethinking them and not double down on his stupidity.
4/11 c79 blarg7865
No matter the outcome of this match I hope It makes Rias' team focus on becoming much stronger so that they can focus on being able to match whatever problems the Hero faction will cook up. I also feel Kiri will greatly step up in taking down the hero faction...that's without either vali or the old satan faction betraying them first.

And the bigger question is...when is Rias going to bring in waifu number 5 for Shirou :P.
4/11 c79 bige2613
cannot wait when you introduce Perseus
4/8 c29 ImHateful
This chapter changed my feelings on many things, in other words it was peak.

I take back what I said about Shirou and the whole Rias and Issei situation, I liked the outcome you had made for it. i honestly can say I loved and enjoyed the last scenes between Shirou amd Rias before they did the deed, it was very sweet and great writing.

Shirou showing more of himself outside of that stubbornness I disliked also endured me to this chapter and its contents, which made me more tolerable to him in the end and makes me excited for more of his development as well as the development between him and rias.
4/7 c27 ImHateful
Honestly this story at this point is getting lukewarm, it's starting to piss me off with how closely you're following canons ass crack.

Really what set me off was how little you change things, it's so boring reading basically canon with just a few twists you wrote, like Issei being reincarnated like he did in canon, him meeting Asia like he did in canon, the church fight basically wrote as if you copied and pasted it from canon, now the virginity scene with Issei and Rias, like what the fuck, how does that make sense, I feel like you're just forcing canon for your own convenience, like I'm betting you won't even solve the koneko situation until you get to her part where it's solved in canon.

If I wanted to read canon then I would of read the light novels and other source materials.

It's just so irritating, you could of just skipped all those parts instead of writing them, to save yourself and everyone's time. What is the point of Shirou and everyone else being in this story if they're not causing any ripples in the story. You might as well write them out now, because I can't take the fact you said that you'll be continuing doing this type of stuff for a while.

I usually give myself a five strike until I abandon reading system and you have two. First strike was Shirou's character, sometimes he's cool but other times he's just irritating to read and just plain unappealing when fights and stubbornly acts the way he does.

Second is the reason for this message.

I truly want to enjoy this story but it's getting harder and frustrating continuing, you're treating characters outside of dxd like they don't matter and clinging to canon religiously.

Anyways I hope you have a great day and week, stay safe, take care.
4/7 c79 4The Viking Stranger
Pup?or is it Pub?
4/7 c79 NTMkensei03
I suggest using either Quillbot or Grammarly to assist in your writing. Don't really have much to say about this chapter.
4/7 c79 codywhite162
Well now I was wondering when Angelo or Gilgamesh would show up again and here he is starting trouble as usual. I really enjoyed this opening skirmish between Shirou and the rest and cannot wait to see how this battle is going to go. Great chapter!
4/7 c79 1Trasgo Madaraz Artifex
When she outlives her usefuleness, the 'hero' faction is going to (try?) to kill off Illya, there is no "if"s about it.
All of that after her doing a ton of questionable shit "For her little brother", even knowing he would hate everything about it.

Let's just see how things go in this new instalment of "Illya's self-fullfilling prophecy"
4/6 c79 17Ignisha
Oof, what will happen next!? The anticipation is unbearable!
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