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for Fate: Bonds Beyond Humanity

3/26 c1 mysticalvoid111

Jokes aside, capitalized sentences makes it childish
3/23 c78 keybladelight
Oh boy fake priest kirei will help Shirou to make sure Ise no longer traumatized I'm worried now.
3/23 c78 2Rowlet10
Kirei running an intervention on Issei has to be one of the highest peaks of fiction.
3/23 c78 ulttoanova
I enjoyed this chapter, especially the intervention with Issei and even more so the cliffhanger when he was told the intervention was for him. I look forward to reading the next chapter.
3/23 c78 demedichi
We can all use a little more Kirei in our lives.
3/23 c78 1Trasgo Madaraz Artifex
You know
"The chances of conceiving a devil child with a human were extremely low..." sound like tempting fate for our boy Shirou.
Gotta pull the "Eroge Protagonist" credentials~
3/22 c70 bige2613
kyoto ram and rem rez
3/22 c78 Guest
having kirei do an intervention is a recipe for either disaster or complete chaos and hilarity, can't wait to see which one it is
3/22 c78 WyattMercer
Not gonna lie, it took a minute to figure out who they were getting to help. But when I did, I could not stop laughing!
3/22 c78 xXwolfsterXx644
Another great chapter dude definitely Can't wait for the next update and see didora get absolutely obliterated
3/21 c78 Shin cloud
Seriously, Kotomine, well it looks like Issei will have character development.
3/21 c78 Rain
Dear Maou the next chapter can’t come faster! gaah amazing work as always
3/21 c78 Eternalking500
Another great chapter, I hope you update again soon.
3/21 c1 Guest
Sorry I tried to enjoy this story, only got as far as chaper 5. There's way to many spelling and grammar mistakes for it to be read.
3/21 c78 Guest
Thanks for the chapter, and I'm looking forward to the next chapter
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