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for Fate: Bonds Beyond Humanity

3/21 c1 Guest
Sorry I tried to enjoy this story, only got as far as chaper 5. There's way to many spelling and grammar mistakes for it to be read.
3/21 c78 Guest
Thanks for the chapter, and I'm looking forward to the next chapter
3/21 c78 Saif Omar
This is one of the funniest chapters of this story despite Diodora being in it. Can't wait for Rias to utterly murderize him. Also I liked the parallels you showed between Ise and Rudy with all the talk of ED. And Shirou losing it when he figured that Kotomine would be the best person to help Ise. Kirei is definitely sending Shirou a gift basket for this treat. Can't wait to see his 'therapy' next chapter.
3/21 c78 Guest
This is a great chapter. There are so many things to talk about.

The first one is Ravel joining the group, and the new interactions that came about it. 2 things that stood out was her disapproval of Shirou being Rias's lover, and her rivalry with Koneko. Also, she has a Knight Piece (which is to take into account of Ravel not able to perform similar feats because she won't be near fire based areas in the future.

The next thing is the explanation of Evil Pieces, and the 'conversion' function during the flashback. Liked the reason for why the 'conversion' function exists, and more details concerning how the 'tuning' of each piece (Pawn, Knight, Rook, and Queen) affects the user (this is also further explains the changes that's happening with Tsubasa when she bonded with Galahad's shield). Wished there was an explanation concerning Mutated Pieces.

The discussion between Rias (along with Akeno and Asia) and Diodora revealed a lot of things. Looks like both Rias and Akeno were already suspicious of him, and Diodora's little slip just further proves he's in scum territory. Sadly, he's slippery with the excuses he had made. Not helped by the fact he does bring up a good point of other nobles/pillars will be against her, so she can't exactly do a 'really' daring move despite her decision of being a 'rebel' (looks like both Shirou and Ddraig was correct in their stance of resolving things 'peacefully' with Ravel, with Ddraig stating of how Rias's group doesn't have enough strength currently to deal with the higher ups(so Akeno having her Serpent Eye was a good thing, since it scared Diodora). The group needs to keep an eye on him, since that kind of scumbag isn't someone to give up easily.

Next is Rias's complicated situation regarding both her childhood friends and Shirou. Looks like Sona is still isn't in the mood to talk with Rias, and Seeks looks to be ignoring Rias's calls because of Ravel joining the group. Then there's the fact that demons are trying to figure out who's Rias's secret lover. It was funny and great to see Diodora getting agitated at Rias laughing at him, since he guessed wrong who her lover was (and why he believes so). However, it makes Rias's situation worse, as it'll either make those against her to be more brazen with her and actually attempt something, or turn some of her allies against her (Sona already stated in past chapter of not wanting to know the status of Rias's relationship with Shirou, as she would have to tell her parents if her parents feel something is going on with the Gremory; and the only reason she knows of their relationship is because Saji (who heard about it from Issei) babbed about it during the Excalibur incident). Shirou either needs to get stronger or his status changed, something to deal with the demons if the secret comes out. Also hopping for reconciliation between the childhood friends.

Lastly, looks like some of the members are able to find out about Issei's trauma; and it's more delicate, and complicated, than I thought. I was wondering how or who is going to solved this, and the answer shocked me. When Shirou cussed out loud, it shocked me greatly; as he rarely reacts negatively to a solution or someone. Once the person he had in mind (was shown near the end of the chapter) was Kotomine Kirei, my first impression was : '...Oh crap...(). This is both a good and bad idea. It's a good idea because Kirei can spot and explain things in what to say (like what Shirou said). However, this is also a bad idea because IT'S FREAKING KIREI KOTOMINE! You know this guy will not only tell you what needs to be said, but will also possibly 'twist the knife' with his words. Not helped that Caren is also there (I'm guessing she's also someone who also 'twist the knife'?). If Kirei's involved with this, that means a lot of things might be revealed with this 'talk'.

With what's going on, looks like there will be (more might show up) character development for Issei, along with Asia (since this chapter has shown that she's too trusting of others, along with Rias continues to try to shield her from terrible things happening, which is something she shouldn't do concerning how malicious devil society is).

Next chapter is going to be interesting...
3/21 c78 njgronlund
Kirei's gonna have a field day with this one. XD
3/21 c78 Dasgun
3/21 c78 4Monster King
Your doing amazing work please continue the story
3/20 c77 blarg7865
Although Solomon's body was destroyed I'm curious what happened to the ten rings. Each one is quite powerful.
3/18 c6 1Lugal Kug-ga
... I can't describe it, but is it just me? Or it's too hard to read this? The writing is great, the chapters are long, in which I hoped for my favourites to be the same, but. The story, it kinds of trigger a repulsive feeling. Like, you just go, 'WTF IS THIS', that? And 'HUH?! WTF IS THIS?!' Integrating both worlds really just made it shit. Is this Shirou? I guess he's an OC? Or SI? like what? you said he experienced the fire, his personality doesn't show it, if like in Kalied where he didn't go through it then it's quite understandable but this? This is bullshìt. And I don't know if I'm being racist RN, but I'm leaning towards the eradication of the devil's. anyone can give me a summary for the plot of this?
Well, Adiós, I can't go on for much longer.
Ch 6 going dark.
3/12 c77 keybladelight
So did rias won?
3/11 c77 Guest
Muchachos acabo de leer el último cap publicado en Patreon y debo decir se prendió está mrd se prendió,
3/8 c77 3W1rath56
After finally catching up… I’m sadly going to have to hang up the coat with this fic. I feel like its becoming too much. Everyone is getting noble phantasms, and its getting too ridiculous and dragged out for my liking. It was a fun journey and I do recommend it to anyone but for me I’ve had my fun.
3/7 c77 ElYoker2002
I can actually see that knight of Rizer and Kiba being a couple, but I still prefer the idea of Sakura being his gf from the last comment I made.

And I can see a cliff hanger with Rin here, good, do you read my last comment about Sakura being useful helping saving Rin? That could be a good contrast with the HF Route and both sisters. I can actually see that knight of Rizer and Kiba being a couple, but I still prefer the idea of Sakura being his girlfriend from my last comment.

And I can see a cliffhanger with Rin here. Good, do you read my last comment about Sakura being useful in helping save Rin? That could be a good contrast with the FH route and both sisters.
3/7 c1 overlord-ainz075
Yo bro! Just letting you know that someone is uploading your work on webnovel, and i dont think it is you given the different patreon link and some other stolen work on that person profile. Name “Dxd: the truth of humanity” usernamevengeance08”
3/5 c77 Sonic2610
I definitely didn't expect that end, I'll be looking forward to what is going to happen in the future.
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