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for Fate: Bonds Beyond Humanity

3/4 c77 xXwolfsterXx644
Great chapter dude glad ravel came out of this alright definitely Can't wait for the next update
3/4 c77 Dasgun
3/4 c77 4Monster King
Very good job
3/2 c46 luffy1996
The very fact Setsuna pulled this is proof that she never truly cared for Shirou the way she thought she did, but rather that she was infatuated with the idea of him she held in her heart. Her actions show that she never truly bothered to get to know him yet she expects him to follow her whims and desires.

Setsuna needs to do some soul searching if she is to become worthy of Shirou in my eyes after this.
3/2 c44 luffy1996
We need a Nero Claudius Hero descendant. The umu is inevitable
3/1 c42 luffy1996
I'm pretty sure Shirou can use Durandals abilities... it's just that it isn't worth it for him to do so, after all we see Shirou using Rule Breakers active ability in canon... There is no reason why he couldn't use active abilities of other Noble phantasms as well, it would just take too much mana. Why use 1 excaliblast when you can shoot multiple caladbolgs instead?
3/1 c41 luffy1996
The Gladius was purely a Latin weapon, if Durandal was greek it would likely be either a Xiphos, a Mycenean type G, or a Makhaira.
3/1 c40 luffy1996
While Kokabiel's plan would technically restart the war with a favorable position... It would utterly stupid to do so. The reason the ceasefire happened was because the biblical factions were weakened to the point that other factions started eyeing their slice of the pie.

Even if Kokabiel succeeded, the Fallen would probably be conquered and then exterminated when everyone eventually finds out what Kokabiel did
2/29 c39 luffy1996
The Green knights mantle breaks the rules noble phantasms follow because it ignores the mana drain it takes to activate a noble phantasm. Gawain was already exhausted yet somehow he is able to use a Noble Phantasms active ability 2-3 times?

This has been bothering me for awhile but Shirou promised to make armor for everyone in Rias's club before Issei even joined... Shirou even took everyone's measurements... it's been over a month in story, where is everyone's armor?
2/28 c38 luffy1996
The logic for trusting the order of pendragon doesn't make sense. How can you trust their honor when this operation is literally them discarding it for their goals. I should state that the people fighting them for the most part tried to talk them down and THEY refused and discarded their honor time and again to attempt to murder people that have shown them mercy when they are the invaders.

The order of Pendragon are hypocrites and I would refuse to trust them if I was there. It's not about them being good people or not but rather the fact they are Radical Ideologues that are willing to murder and die for the mere idea of their utopian fantasy of excalibur, arthur, and camelot. It's simply illogical to trust them until atleast after this crises is resolved and even then i'd take their word with a grain of salt.
2/27 c37 luffy1996
I'm a little disappointed the 4 knights did not have their namesakes noble phantasms... it would have been a good opportunity to give Shirou some new Noble Phantasms
2/27 c35 luffy1996
This Story is pretty Good and i have no major issues with it, but to add to my point from chapter 36:

By enemy action i mean like some kind of magic or ability to compel someone to ignore certain solutions and suspicious activity. This can be seen when Shirou doesn't even think to contact the protectors until Yoruiichi reminded him after raiding the base (it has already been established that sufficient mastery of touki grants resistance to most abilities).

Even during the call, they find it suspicious yet they chose not to trust Rias with those suspicions even though Shirou and Rias promised not to keep secrets like that in a previous chapter. Yes Shirou tells Rias about the knights and their trap... but the knights themselves are merely a distraction for Kokabiel.

And by negligent, i mean that Shirou was negligent to his duties by not doing his due diligence... Think about it, if Shirou insisted informing Sirzech's to keep an eye on Fuyuki like Rias should have... then this arc may not(for the most part) have happened. But because he and Rias did not, Everyone is now in even more danger than canon because now Rias will think Sirzechs knows when it's actually Kokabiel who does.

It was already established that Rias would willingly inform her brother if it was to protect Shirou or if Shirou insisted on it. Yes, it was also established that Shirou wouldn't abuse that but i think this is different.
2/27 c36 luffy1996
The fact that the Holy Swords could enter Fuyuki would be enough for anyone to suspect foul play. The fact Yoruiichi and Shirou of all people don't suspect that is very convenient to this plot, too convenient. This is without the knowledge that the Excalibur Shards are heavily guarded by a powerful faction (which everyone knows).

In order for anything like this to happen they would need to get past Kiritsugu who was tasked by Sirzech's to stop criminals from making it to Kuoh who have precisely these characteristics... The very fact they are here means Valper needed to be sponsored by someone with more resources than Lucifer's personal magician... Shirou knows this, Yoruiichi knows this, heck even Rias knows this.

Therefore the fact no one is taking this seriously makes no sense. It would be different if Shirou didn't know what his father does, but he does. So the fact Shirou didn't at the very least insist on contacting someone or even just including Sona is negligence at best or enemy action at worst.
2/25 c29 luffy1996
If you go the Goetia route, i hope he doesn't take over shirou.. rather he would split off from Shirou and be a Shirou Alter if you will. A being that has Shirou's form and maybe even his magecraft and skills.
2/25 c28 luffy1996
To be fair, i'm pretty sure Vritra is way more dangerous in fate than in DXD
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