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for Soul for Sale

7/16 c4 Ghally
Ofcourse Merlin is the king of demons
6/14 c8 2spinnerofdark
Awwwwwww... : )
5/18 c6 spinnerofdark
: )
4/22 c5 spinnerofdark
: )
4/15 c4 CyberQueen1826
Well, now you just made it all the better. :D
4/11 c3 CyberQueen1826
You know this is starting to give me SERIOUS 'Black Butler' vibes. But I love that show, so I'm excited. :)
4/7 c2 Guest
Certainly a different plot. Has caught my attention.
4/6 c2 CyberQueen1826
I like the idea of Demon!Merlin, is being one going to change his character at all? (Drastically? Slitely?) Or is he going to be the same? (Just my thoughts you don't have to answer.) Also, will it be just the show's episodes with Demon!Merlin, or are you going in your own direction? (That I wouldn't mind an answer to.)
Can't wait for more.
4/4 c1 mersan123
Interesting start. At least Arthur is not agreeing with his fathers methods and acts. Good to see him allow the young girl to go.
Look forward to seeing where this one goes.

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