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6/17 c5 missgsmith51
You have several you're/your mix-ups here, as well.

IMO, Mr. Clancy's excessive interest in Horcruxes is a little fishy. Martin's knowledge of the Wizarding World is kind of odd, too. It sounds like Harry is once more in danger.
6/17 c4 missgsmith51
Please watch out for your/you're. You have used "you're" when you should use "your" about 12 times on this page, probably an auto edit error. You can't trust auto-edit.

"You're" is a contraction of "you are"; it does NOT show ownership. "Your" is used to show ownership. Examples:

"I know you're appetite." Should be your appetite.
"... you're scar." Should be your scar.
"Where are you're glasses?" Should be your glasses.

Poor Harry! Will the war never be over for him?
6/17 c16 7HarryPotterFangirl85
Enjoyed this story for the most part, but I didn’t really like how Harry treated Ginny in this. Yeah, he continually told her that he didn’t want anything serious, but he was still giving her so many mixed signals throughout the story, and the reaction he had when he found out the extent of what she went through at Hogwarts after they broke up had a vibe of more serious feelings than he was letting on. Anyways, my melatonin is kicking in, so I’m going to go to sleep now.
5/13 c16 ak
bonne fic!
4/26 c16 staar81
nice and ginny didn't get her way ( not really a ginny fan)...thanks!
4/13 c6 Half Alien
This version of Harry is like all if the worst stereo types of a 18 year old male. That's not actually a good thing. Ginny got lucky if you ask me. I wouldn't give someone with his attitude a second glance no matter how attractive they were. Here's hoping he starts to act like an adult type person. This isn't a go at your writing either. I like your writing. I just think the way Harry is written makes him... ugh. no thank you. I'll go find someone better.
4/6 c16 2shadewatcher
Poor Ginny, but she was more of a fangirl who wanted to claim Harry. At least Harry is happy and doing something he loves! That isn't what everyone else expected of him. Love it!
4/5 c9 RitzyKitsune
I like this but I feel like Harry is being pressures and manipulated into dating Ginny. He should be allowed to date who he wants without people telling him How in love Ginny was or how he should give her a chance.
4/5 c16 4starie78
Great story.
4/5 c1 Millie072
I wonder if you have any idea how many of us appreciate your posting of a finished story. Too many great old stories sit out there incomplete or totally abandoned since the author has lost interest or focus. Even if there are 16 notifications sent, it's wonderful to know the plot is complete. Even if it means changing the days plans to reading till done. Thank you
4/5 c14 Millie072
Totally enjoyed Harry tell ministry officials where to get off. About time someone did. Would have loved to hear some of the lyrics to Harry's music.
4/5 c16 1XxFanFicObsessedxX
I loved this but why is Ginny almost always a bitch in your stories? Lol
4/5 c6 XxFanFicObsessedxX
Okay, I hate that. Why does Harry always let people he cares about talk him into doing things he doesn't want?
4/5 c16 dolph25
Another great story, thanks!
4/5 c1 SpaideZ
Just a Spade casually dropping by

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