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11/25 c6 3RyanMK666
If naruto doesn’t get custody over Dai from the hyuuga’s I’m going to be a little pissed, naruto undermining the hyuuga’s is always hilarious.
Keep it up.
11/25 c1 RyanMK666
I don’t get it, if naruto knows all that, then why on earth is he okay with the 3rd? That makes no sense he should despise the man now he knows the truth from Madara?
I’m mean, I’m still going to read this story I just find that to be a little bit odd and I wanted to point that out. Looking forward to reading this. Keep it up, Tis a good first chapter.
11/21 c6 1DodgyReptile
i may not be the greatest at maths but at the end of this chapter it says 'end of chapter 9' when its only chapter 6 though, great story none the less so keep it up
11/20 c3 arata7kasuga
Madara would not raise Naruto to spill the beans about his heritage to a hokage that constantly lies to. Madara is a true Shinobi not a weak willed one lol
11/15 c1 IOwnYouAll
ya bitch im out your not giving naruto those type of family genes and just sdaying fuck you to us you stupid fucking cunt, i only read realisticlly over power broaken as fuck God teir naruto stories so fuck off you bitch
11/15 c6 Beastyd22
Awesome chapter man keep it up and update again soon as you possibly can thanks.
11/15 c6 SugamDewan
Quiet an interesting Chapter
6/2 c5 suryamgangwal63
Any news on the next update?
5/31 c3 Old Republic
Soo,, The Hokage Naruto like is Hiruzen whom lies and manipulating his grandfather about his mother being dead? And he want to come clean to that man (Hiruzen) about him being Madara grandson?. And yet you claim Naruto being raised by his grandfather Madara?.
5/14 c5 NekoMan
Rare to see wise Naruto fanfic. Looking forward for more.
4/27 c4 Big Baken
The teaseeee. What a great way to close up a chapter. Keep it up
4/9 c2 Vonta01
4/6 c2 NekoMan
Interesting. Looking forward for more.
4/6 c2 NekoMan
It's "Yugao" anyways it's interesting so far. Looking forward for more.
4/8 c2 FluffySUmaelstrom
uh fyi her name is Yugao not yugoa but besides that I liked it.
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