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11/6/2023 c1 This user has been banned
just why do you get so many troll reviews anyway? what did you do to anger so many people
10/23/2021 c1 Guest
Sorry I have to send this to u Fwd: Hi my name is Carmen Winstead. I'm 17years old. I am very similar to you... Did I mention to you that I'm dead. A few years ago a group of girls pushed me down a sewer hole to try and embarrass me. When I didn't come back up the police came. The girls said that I had fell and everyone believed them. The police found my body in the sewer. I had a broken neck and my face was torn off. Send this message to 15 people after you read the whole message if you value your life! A boy called Alex received this message. He just laughed and deleted it. When he was in the shower he heard laughing... MY LAUGHTER! He got really scared, rushed to his phone to repost this message... But he was too late. The next morning his mum entered his bedroom and all she found was a message written in his blood saying, "You will never have him back!" No one has found his body yet... because he is with me! A girl called Charlotte received this message and she immediately sent it to 25 people (10 more than required). I still watch over every second of her life to make sure that she is safe and to keep her and everyone close to her out of danger. Send this to 15 people in the next 5 minutes if you don't want your fate to be the same as Alex's. Your time starts... NOW! The story is true you can research It on google"t www youtube com/watch?vy-Brm5rnpyc&appdesktop carmen winstead www No send back . Look behind you

Author's response: what a load of babyish crap. No, "Carmen", I won't be forwarding this to anyone. Nothing will happen to me as a result, or to anyone else who ignores you. Grow up, you silly little twit.
7/15/2021 c1 CandyCicada
Go slit your throat with a butcher knife, bitch. Nobody would miss you.
7/15/2021 c1 CandyCicada
I really hate you. I genuinely hope you kill yourself. You are nothing more than a contraceptive piece of shit who fell out of someone's vagina by accident. I think the world would be a better place without disgusting cretins like yourself. You're the type of person that makes me want to puke. You're horrible and I hope you die a slow, painful death. I would laugh so hard. Seriously. I promise you.
4/26/2021 c9 10DeeUnnatural
INDEPENDENT GIRLS ROLL! I should know, I am one. :)
4/26/2021 c9 Guest
4/24/2021 c8 42Tikatu
Sam is beginning to grow up a little. Facing down her mom, calling to put off an appointment, taking time to let her pique subside, and ascribing good intentions to the subject of said pique. Good for her!
4/24/2021 c8 Guest
Whooo! Another chapter! :D
4/18/2021 c6 Tikatu
I had a feeling Steve was a jerk.
4/18/2021 c6 Guest
Yay! Another installment :D
4/15/2021 c4 Guest
Does Sam actually hear the reference to Spectra's attacks Jason makes? If so, there's a small continuity problem with one of the later stories. And if not, it might not want to be here, since this is very much her point of view through the story. (Not first-person, obviously, but still...)
4/15/2021 c5 Guest
Good stuff! :D
4/13/2021 c4 11Angus MacSpon
Seriously enjoying this story. I was never a BotP fan back when it was on TV but I like your writing and insight.
4/13/2021 c4 Guest
Always great to see more of this character :D
4/10/2021 c3 42Tikatu
What is she going to tell her girlfriends? Or her mom and Steve? How about the truth? Or maybe a half-truth: "My placement requires me to work this Saturday..."

Enjoying this, Cath! Looking forward to the next chapter.
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