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4/9 c2 3IExistInAStateOfPureCaffeine
Genuinely enjoyed Toranosuke's farewell scene. Beautifully done
4/7 c1 4hnh058513
Poor Akira, and poor everyone
4/5 c1 11dhyetaX1999
Whooooa, interesting. Sooo...Harry is assimilating into Philemon. Like, before Philemon is like an aspect of universe, and now that Harry finally finished his journey as a mortal (and become MoD, Avatar of Death etc.) he'll assumes Phil's mantle. But he's also always been Phil, so all the VR attendant got their memories adjusted? Would be awesome if Harry/Phil's mascot is now Hedwig (a snowy owl) and not butterfly anymore even if butterfly is more symbolic of change

Poor Akira, please don't torture him too much...
Will be interested in reading more of this.
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