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4/4/2022 c11 TaTaD
I’m sorry to ask but… do the scenes with Hiyori really matter in Yasumi’s story? I don’t want to be a bad-mannered or bad person but as I think I previously said, I don't really like Yatoyori but I'm reading bc I find it interesting (you can imagine how much I wanted to cry when I read Hiyori was pregnant of Yato when I thought I would have even the slightest opportunity... )
4/2/2022 c7 TaTaD
If I’m sincere… I don’t really like Yatoyori couple… Idk shy tho, maybe bc I like him too (? Although that wouldn’t make much sense when I like other pairs but don’t like their members that way…
Ahm- going back to the matter, I don’t “usually” like their ship but, I want to continue reading this… I was expecting it to be a Yato x reader or some sort but… I still like it so… I'll turn a blind eye *looks the other way while whistling*
4/1/2022 c21 6MsAutumnQueen
Absolutely loved reading through this. Spent a good part of a sick day off work doing so. Fantastic stuff, honestly! :)
12/13/2021 c19 Guest
I love your story.
I‘ve just lost many hours of sleep two nights in a row just to read this piece. I‘ve seen your one shot growing pains of this first and was absolutely in love with your lovely and detailed writing. I reaally like your storytelling and i really like the story so far. Its like reading the manga because i think they are really in character and thats something i appreciate in fanfictions.
This story is utterly underrated.
7/6/2021 c1 Somedude
I love your story and can't wait for the next chapter.

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